Top 5 Reasons Why it’s Crucial to Have Annual Well Woman Exams

An annual well-woman exam is a way to stay well and avoid most gynecological health complications and, therefore, should be a top priority. Richard Strathmann OBGYN of Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples, notes that it takes regular checkups to detect changes in your body that can increase the risk of developing some complications. This shows how important regularly scheduled checks are important to your health. For this reason, here are the top five reasons why it is crucial to have annual well-woman exams.

  1. To Get Preventative Care

One of the purposes of an annual well-woman exam is to evaluate your current health status, which can help you take some preventative measures against any complication accordingly. This is because the exam can include a physical exam, pelvic exam, and consultation with your provider where any abnormalities can be identified and the right steps are taken.

Note that the earlier complications are detected, the better, as it makes treatment easier and more effective. Preventative care can include immunizations such as flu shots, shingles vaccine, or HPV vaccine.

  1. For Reproduction Planning

Depending on your future family plans, an annual well-woman exam creates a good platform for you to discuss your reproduction plans with your doctor. If you are not ready to become pregnant, your provider can recommend different birth control options, and if you are looking forward to conceiving, your doctor will help you get ready for pregnancy by discussing with you how you can prepare for it. This becomes easy as with annual visits, the doctor gets to know you, understands your reproduction needs, and can advise you accordingly.

  1. To Get Some Disease Screening

This is another main objective to have an annual well-woman exam. As noted early, some conditions are better identified early to manage them. Your provider can recommend the diseases to be screened according to your age or your health history. However, not all screenings can take place during your exam. While diagnostic testing can be part of your exam, other screenings require different specialists, but your provider can advise you accordingly.

  1. To Record Your Medical History

Your medical history critically affects the accuracy and effectiveness of any healthcare you can receive. Also, some chronic and severe conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases are genetic, and through your medical history, alongside that of your family, the risk factors to these conditions can be avoided or reduced.

Your medical history helps you and your doctor recommend the best diagnostic tests and preventative care and your children and grandchildren. It can be used to tell if other members of your family are at risk of some complications as well.

  1. To Get Counseling

One good thing about annual well-woman exams is it does not just focus on your physical well being but also your mental health. During the exam, you engage in conversations with your provider, and your doctor gets to know you better. As a result, your provider can offer lifestyle advice based on your unique needs, and they will also be there if you encounter major changes in your life such as job loss, death of a loved one, or divorce.

There is more to say about annual well-woman exams as all they can do is good for your health. You can only get to feel and enjoy all the benefits of having these exams if you schedule such exams with your doctor. Your providers at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples can help you make an informed decision on these exams.