Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Family Attorney if you intend to file a Divorce Case

If you are contemplating divorce or your partner has initiated the divorce process, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed by the issue. You will need to handle a lot of paperwork, gather financial records, make time for court proceedings and determine a workable child visitation and custody plan.

Even if you believe that you can handle all these issues alone, the divorce process will definitely take an emotional toll on you, the kids, and the entire family. Working with an experienced legal expert, like the ones at Amanda Cook Law, is in your best interest. Here are the reasons you should hire a reputable family law expert.

1. Make objective-oriented divorce decisions

If you’re newly married, you don’t have kids or property, the divorce process is going to be less stressful because it’s a unilateral choice. For couples with kids, significant investments, property, and loans, the divorce process will be an uphill battle. Reaching a resolution isn’t going to be easy, particularly if none of the parties involved are willing to compromise on some issues.

An experienced family attorney can help you and your partner go through mediation or stay cooperative during the divorce proceedings. This way, the divorce process is likely to be a low cost. Other benefits include faster resolution and prevent lasting frustration and pain linked to litigation divorce.

Family Attorney

2. Handle child custody issues

The tug-of-war attitude and the desire to have physical or sole custody of kids is one of the most complex aspects of divorce. If you are involved in this kind of battle, work with a family lawyer to know whether or not you’re entitled to the sole guardianship of your kids.

In most cases, family courts allow shared custody. However, if your partner is unfit to have child custody, there is a good chance you will get sole custody of your kids. Some of the issues that could make a parent unfit for custody include drug addiction, abuse, mental illness, and more.

3. Spousal support and child support payment

Violation of a divorce agreement such as skipping, stopping or denial of child support and spousal support is very common nowadays. If this happens, you can consult with your attorney for legal counsel. Your lawyer can help you take the right steps towards making your ex pay the entire sum.

4. Regain custody of your children

Custody rights can be modified. Whether you have no custody with visitation rights only or shared custody, working with an experienced family law expert can help you regain custody of your children. The lawyer will identify what deprived you of the legal rights to guardianship and guide you on how to fix these issues. This way, you can successfully regain your child custody rights.

Wrap up

Divorce cases and child custody battles are very complex. It would be best if you had an experienced family law attorney on your side. The expert can handle all the necessary paperwork and advise you on different matters concerning these issues.