Top 10 Features You Need To Know About The Docyard Management Platform

It is the era where all the management operations are slowly and steadily being handed over to artificial intelligence. It not only eases the whole work but also, makes it time-efficient and error-free. Different management tools, in all the fields, are being used in different organizations. Employee management, construction management, different salary management software, etc. Have come up and gaining popularity. One such is the dock and yard management software.

What is a dockyard management software?

It is like a warehouse tool, which is fully advance and updated software, which makes the management easy, fast and accurate. This docyard management platform allows the owners to manage their trailers, trucks, etc. leaving and entering their yards. It makes the management easy because of it key features,

Features of the dockyard management platform

  1. The key features of the dockyard management platform are enlisted below
  2. It helps in keeping the record of the trucks and trailers, leaving and entering the dock.
  3. It helps you with the dock bookings and helps you to allocate different docks to different trucks and trailers, without any error, and with accuracy
  4. It reduces human resources required, as a single member does not need to check all the trucks, arriving or keep a check on the allocation of docks individually.
  5. This software also helps with scheduling the workers and the loading and unloading of the cargo.
  6. This management platform makes the work faster, that is this type of management if done manually could take hours, while if the software is used it could be done within few minutes or so by the software itself.
  7. It also helps with the security of the whole set up, by not only keeping the record of the trucks entering leaving or entering but also by keeping the record very safe, which can be referred to after a long time also, if not deleted. Thus, these records are safer to keep than manual records.
  8. It enhances the capacity of the dock, by efficiently using and allocating the facilities and space available. Customization features are also available which helps to create your own space, to enter the appointments, delete the old ones, and plan the new ones. Thus, making it user friendly.
  9. The cloud-based infrastructure and storage of the management platform help you to access the data from anywhere, keeping in check the security of the data as well. It also relieves you from the memory occupied by this data in your device.
  10. It helps you to send updates dynamically. Real-time utilization is also one of the key features of such software, which help you to send alerts, reminders, and appointments directly through the emails and SMS, to the workers, associates, and clients.

 The docyard management platform can prove to the strongest part of your whole setup, which not only connects one part of the set up to the other but also helps you to improve the management, and raises it to the next level.