Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

Keeping your car, truck, van, or SUV looking its best can be a difficult thing to achieve with your hectic lifestyle, but you can visit the Phoenix car wash to get it done professionally and for an affordable price. We have 15 locations throughout Arizona, and we continue to excel because our clients are our number one priority. When you allow our professionals to detail your vehicle, every aspect of your vehicle will shine and look truly amazing.

You simply need to tell us what you want done because we can do it all. From regular exterior cleanings to more intense interior and exterior detailing, we’ll get the job done the right way the first time. We’ll be committed to your satisfaction by paying close attention to the important details and using high-quality products that will look great for a long time. You’ll know the exact price of our services before we begin any work because we don’t want you to be surprised by anything we do.


Interior Cleaning

It doesn’t matter to us if your vehicle is completely muddy and dirty or just needs a little picking up. We have professional-grade vacuums and shampooers that get down deep into the carpets and fabrics to remove the dirt that you cannot see with the naked eye.  Our technicians use premium shampoos and stain removers because we want to give you back a new looking vehicle. We also care for leather by using the right cleaners that can truly enhance the look and longevity of the leather. The windows, vinyl, and plastic will also be cared for appropriately and cleaned with precision.

Exterior Cleaning

We begin with a thorough rinse to get off some of the loose grime on your vehicle and prepare it to accept the soap. Our staff can hand wash the entire vehicle and make certain to remove all of the tar and bugs from the front and sides of your vehicle. Once the cleaning is finished, we’ll buff it to a great shine and add a fresh coat of wax if you prefer. We recommend at least an occasional waxing to keep your paint looking as good as it can for as long as possible. We’ll even clean the wheel wells, the tires, and any graphics or accessories with exceptional products.

To make it even easier for you to drive a clean vehicle, you can schedule a cleaning on a recurring basis at our Phoenix car wash. We’re proud to work with individuals, businesses, and corporations in and around the area, so give us the chance to clean your vehicle because you won’t be disappointed.