Tips to avoid mistakes when choosing the race

Once passed the baccalaureate (or the degree) you have to choose a career (or master’s degree) and enroll. Many doubt between different studies, some very different. For them, we have gathered some guidelines to follow.

Cheetah replica race photos anaheim caTake a distance and put your current situation in perspective

Sometimes a little distance helps to see better and remove passion to an issue. So, in a situation of uncertainty, it is convenient to look at your life as if it were someone else’s. What would I have to do to get out of the quagmire? According to racer coach, it is convenient to put physical distance to clarify. “In those situations, it is difficult to listen to what you really want, that is why it is important to take time for you (…) and I do not mean 10 minutes, but all the time you need to think clearly away from your usual environment. So go on vacation or take the weekend to think and let your thoughts flow without the daily pressures. ” A similar recommendation is given by Emily Huns, head of studies at any of the University: “If you have no idea what to study, relax, it’s normal”. Huns believes that it is important to have time to choose a discipline that one really enjoys because it is the first step to being a good professional.

Experiment and do not invest too much (yet)

If you really do not have a known location, Cheetah replica race photos anaheim ca it is best to try several things. Sometimes we just like what we had least imagined. It is not a bad idea to do a free course, which does not involve large investments of time and money and can be used to open a path or otherwise, to discard any possibility that you were spinning in your head.: “In case of doubt, take the next small and cheap step”. For this expert that is much more effective than paralyzing and waiting to know what you want to act. “The location is not expected, it is built. We can be interested in almost everything if we give it a chance, “

Do not think about the title, but about the competences

The central idea of this recommendation is that the labor market changes, the professions also, but there are skills and competencies that will continue to be essential and well valued. It is a mistake to think only about the status that a degree from a given university can grant and not what it is really going to teach you. “You have to worry less about how well the name of the studies, accreditation or degree in question sounds, do not be fooled by its apparent validity. The specific learning and competencies that a qualification really includes are not sufficiently verified