Tips to Avoid Getting Sports Injuries

Dr. Kevin McElroy runs one of the finest sports medicine centers in Ramsey, New Jersey. Such centers are important in helping you recover from sports injuries.

Medical expertise is vital for you to be able to return to the field. However, you can take active steps that ensure you don’t get injured in the first place.

The following tips should help you stay clear of sports injuries:

Warm Up

Warm Up

Warm Up

One of the most common reasons for sports injuries is lack of a proper warm up routine. Before you engage in any form of physical activity or exercise, you should always ensure you warm up adequately.

The muscles get some extra heat and circulation when you warm up which prepares them for the arduous task ahead. When you jump straight into the action, your muscles may be shocked by the sudden impact.

Most sports will have a sports specific warm up routine. For those who exercise alone, running and skipping rope are great examples of warm up activities.


Stretching is as important as warming up if you want to avoid sports injuries. You should stretch both before and after your workouts.

Before a workout, stretching will warm up the muscles hence increasing blood flow and heat. After the workout, it will help you cool down while your heart rate slowly returns to resting pace and your muscles lose the accumulated heat.

Stretching loosens tight muscles and joints which may have a limited range of motion and result in injury. You should ensure that you perform both dynamic and static stretches.

Static stretches involve holding a pose while dynamic stretches involve some sort of movement.


If you want to avoid sports injuries, rest should be just as important to you as the physical activities in which you are engaged. It may sound paradoxical but the body needs as much rest as it needs exercise.

Therefore, you should ensure you get a good night’s sleep after each day of training. Many sports related injuries are a result of doing too much.

Moreover, the body’s recuperation happens during rest, particularly when you are asleep. Muscles damaged during intense exercise are repaired and strengthened during this time.


When you perform strenuous physical activities, you sweat and lose a lot of water. It is vital for you to replace it by drinking a lot of water.

If you are well hydrated, your muscles will function optimally and will prevent you from acquiring any injuries. Furthermore, physical attributes such as your balance and coordination will also be working well which further reduces any risk of injury.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

The food we eat is a crucial part of our health. It is also important in preventing sports injuries.

If you eat a healthy and nutritious diet, your body will be stronger, which will prevent injury. Your joints and muscles will receive adequate nutrition, hence they will effectively perform their functions.

A healthy diet should include protein, vegetables, and fruit. The food you eat will be beneficial to your immunity in case you get injured.