Tips for Creating Custom Trade Show Displays

The design and details on your trade show display play an important role in determining whether attendees will be interested in visiting your booth. This is why it is important to create a display that will help you promote your brand and increase engagement. Today, it is possible to build custom trade show displays that will make you stand out. However, it is common for exhibitors to get lost in all manner of things and lose sight of the basics.

To avoid some of these mistakes, here are tips for creating a unique display.

Make the company name prominent

While this may seem like a no brainer, many trade show displays tend to hide the company name. With the amount of money that companies pay to exhibit, you should make an effort to ensure that the company is easy to see for everyone. One of the best ways to do this would be to place the company name in the header section of the display, since this where most attendees expect to find it. You should also create a company logo and include it to create an impression.

Keep it simple

While it may be tempting to want to give attendees your entire information on the display, you should strive to keep it simple. People in a crowded room with constant activity will not take much time to read lengthy content. This is why key points that easily introduce your product or service would be a better option to consider. Make sure the information is in an easy to read typeface and is also easy to remember.

Use color and images wisely

If you are to catch the attention of attendees and attract them to your booth, you should consider using color and images wisely. For an eye-catching scheme, there should be no more than three contrasting colors. The images on display should also be clear and vivid. Since you will want to project the image of a serious company, the displays should be professionally printed. However, you should not forget to include your brand colors.

Do not get too technical

Regardless of the nature of the trade show, you should keep in mind that the people attending may not be knowledgeable about highly technical things. Some will not be interested in such topics. In addition to sending a non-tech representative to the shows, you should also craft your message in such a way that a layperson can understand without feeling intimidated.

Feature your website and social media address

Today, social media outlets play a crucial role in marketing campaigns. These platforms are used for entertainment, connecting, and information. Even though some attendees may not have time to visit your booth, they could copy the website address or social media contacts and get in touch with you at a later date.

Quality materials and construction

Several things could go wrong during the exhibition. If your well-designed trade show display topples or crumbles, it will not only be a source of embarrassment but could also hurt your image. Be sure to use high quality, durable materials for your display.

In the end, it is important to remember that creating custom trade show displays alone will not be enough. The people who attend these events are more interested in talking to you. As such, you should project your company as a fun brand and create a memorable experience and lasting impression on customers.