Three Common Blunders Girls Do When Wearing Makeup

The most frequent question that people ask “Is makeup bad for my skin?” and a lot more. The real fact is, makeup is being worn on your face for like twelve hours roughly, and for better or for worse, it would definitely affect your skin more than what you can think of.

If you are a makeup lover and wants to look good by wearing makeup, you should know how your choice of makeup affects the delicate skin on your face.

In this article from a manufacturer of premium face makeup products in Malaysia, here are the most common mistakes in choosing, wearing, and erasing the makeup that will ruin your skin in the long run.

But first, before you head to the rest of the article, you should ask yourself why you need to know about your makeup, and why you should not be going to bed with makeup still on, and why is it important for you to know that your skin is completely dirty and susceptible to different irritation if you leave your makeup the entire night. If you could not imagine one of this questions, then you should proceed to these common mistakes that you might still be practicing right now and ask yourself why you have acne breakouts and irritations all over your face.

premium face makeup products in Malaysia


Most girls out there are so cheap that they use one to three cleansing wipes in removing their heavy makeup just to save up. Well, if you have that kind of habit, you are not completely cleaning your face from the makeup, instead, you are just inviting dirt, bacteria, and oil across your face by not wiping the makeup completely.


A lot of girls, especially those who wear liquid foundation, and water-resistant makeups uses water to remove it. This practice, however, will only let the make stay longer and harder to remove because it becomes a smudge as the makeup and water mixes up. Instead, use a light amount of water along with a makeup wipes and slowly wipe off the thick liquid foundation or sunscreen that you applied until it is completely removed, then you can rinse your face with water.


Again, a lot of girls mistakenly mix foundation makeup and sunscreen altogether via a layer that is completely wrong and can cause skin irritation if frequently applied. Also, you remove the effectiveness of the sunscreen if you mix it with a makeup. Instead, use only a single type of foundation makeup today, and use only a makeup with sunscreen the next day so that your skin can rest from getting covered with it.

Practicing these simple tips will help you look great in makeup and also without it because you are saving yourself from any unwanted irritations and acne breakouts that will totally ruin your beauty.