This is what Narendra Modi has done for India

Narendra Modi is the 14th and the current Prime Minister of India. He was born in Gujarat on 17th September in the year 1950. Narendra Modi got married at a very young age when he was just 18 years old. He got engaged at the tender age of 4 years. Soon after he started living with his wife, JashodabenDamodardas Modi, he left his home and went to The Himalayas and started practicing ‘Sannyasa’. Later, when he returned home, he had a fight with his parents and he left home. He went to his uncle and started a business and later on became a politician as he was keen debater by birth. To Contact Narendra Modi, you can visit his website or can message him on twitter, facebook, instagram etc.

1.Foreign Policy

This is one of the main reasons to appoint him as the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi  had very good relations with all countries. On the day of his Oath, he invited all the member countries of SAARC to the function. This was just the beginning to improve his relations with all of them. He has signed various pacts with different countries like Nepal, Myanmar and Japan.

  1. BetiBachao, BetiPadhao.

‘BetiBachao, BetiPadhao’ which means ‘Save the girl child, Educate the girl child.’ This is a campaign started by the government of India to save the female population as it had been declining over the past few years as people used to kill the foetus of a girl child because they believed that it was their bad fate. These days, this act is punishable.

  1. Skill India

It is a campaign started by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi which aims to teach necessary skills to over 40 crore people so that they can earn a living by the year 2022. This is a very important step by the PM by observing the poverty conditions prevailing in india these days.

  1. Atal Pension Yojana

This scheme was started by Narendra Modi in Kolkata first and then announced by ArunJaitley in the 2015 budget. This scheme states that every citizen will get a specific amount of money after they cross the age of 60 as one is unable to work after this age and requires rest. Insurance companies do not provide any suitable plans on which a person can depend and live his old age.

  1. Smart City Mission

Smart City Mission is an initiative taken by the Prime Minister of India. It is a very important step towards the development of our country and towards making India a smart country. This mission aims to make 100 smart cities which are sustainable and citizen free. However, West Bengal has withdrawn from this initiative. Recently, Mumbai has also rejected the Proposal towards a ‘Smart City’.

  1. Pradhan MantriAwasYojana

This is another important initiativetaken by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This mission aims to provide affordable homes to all the people so that everyone has a home to live in and no one lives on the roads. This mission also focuses on the elimination of slums.

  1. One Rank One Pension Scheme

This is a mission which states that the amount of pension given to different people of different ranks will be the same amount. This clearly shows that our Prime Minister believes in ‘One nation, No discrimination’.

  1. Gold Monetization Scheme

This scheme was announced by ArunJaitley which states that People holding Gold bars, Jewellery, Coins etc. can now earn interest by keeping them in Bank lockers. This is very important step as now the people get a chance to benefit from their Jewellery.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Jeevan JyotiBimaYojana

This scheme is a third pension scheme started by the Prime Minister of India which states that if any citizen pays Rs. 330 each year, then he would get a sum of 2 lakhs in the endof the term. This is a very important initiative taken towards the investment.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha BimaYojana

This mission states that if a person invests in this scheme from the age of 18, then he gets Rs. 1 lakh and if he/she dies, gets 2 lakhs. This is a golden opportunity towards the future of our country.

  1. Digital India Program

This mission aims making India a Digital Country. This mission states that all the people must access all the government services electronically. The development of our country is really working hard to make India a better place to live.To Contact Narendra Modi, you can visit his website or can message him on twitter, facebook, instagram etc.