Things you can do to with your Smartphone

Decades back in time from now there were mobile phones that allowed you to talk to a person sitting in the other corner of the world, to take digital image and browse internet. Other than these a mobile phone could have been used as calculator, watch, for playing games, listen music, watch video etc. After this a revolution came that changed your mobile phone into a computer.

    Now the mobile phones are used for so many works in day-to-day life that are beyond imagination of a person from time a decade or two decade back. Here are the things that you can use your mobile phone for, now in this time,

  • For Browsing high speed internet: We used mobile phones for browsing internet earlier also and we also had PCs for this purpose but now with advanced technology in internet the use of mobile phone for using internet to browse many things has increased. It is spectacular that almost 4 billion people use Smartphone for browsing internet according to recent statistics.
  • For using interesting and useful apps: There are many applications available on the app stores of different operating system having devices that are very much fun to use, have very much to learn and are useful in day-to-day life. If you cannot find any app on the app store of your mobile phone then you can download it from 9apps store. All you have to do is, 9apps install and then search the app you want to download and then click the 9aaps download hyperlink. There are 9apps free Jio phone app download.
  • Use for playing games: Earlier only PCs were used to play high quality games but now the Smartphone enables you to play games that were earlier could be played in PCs only. You can download any game you want to play from the app store of your Smartphone or from 9apps store.
  • Use for interacting people: Different social networking platforms allowed us to interact with people and learn one another’s culture. Smartphone is used to share your thoughts, ideas and views about certain things with other people.
  • Use for banking: One can also use it for banking also. Many apps allow you to transact money from one person to another in matter of seconds. Some of the examples are Paytm, Google pay etc.
  • Use for studying: One of the finest and most important uses of Smartphone is education. It allows one to study online from home. For every class, every competition exam and many different fields, one can study online on different platforms. Some have provided application to download on your Smartphone and some provide studying on browser.
  • For entertainment: This is the reason for which most of people use the Smartphone. You can watch videos, listen to music, watch different movies, sitcoms, web series, football, cricket, basketball, racing etc. There are different apps to watch movies, games etc. like Hotstar etc. which are available on app store of mobile phone or on 9apps