Things To Know If You Want To Become An Uber Driver

You can make a decent living by becoming a proficient driver. There are thousands like you who are making good money to take care of their family and loved ones. On the top of that, it will always help in the recession. People will never stop travelling or commute from one place to another and this profession will never face recession. Be it going to the office every day or coming home late drunk from the party, people would always require a reliable cab service. If you are looking for a promising career, you should give a thought to become a driver.

If you really want to give a try, there are some requirements you need to fulfill. Not everyone can become driver at any age and without any skills. There are professional car renting companies such as Uber and you can start from there. Here are the Uber Requirements:

  1. How to start: When you don’t know how to start, the first thing you do is to fill out the applications for the Uber driver. You must meet following requirements:
  • You are 21 years or older.
  • You must have at least three years of driving experience and have a car insurance in your name in the state you live in.
  • You must have a current in-state driver’s license and the Social Security number.
  • You must have a clean driving record. No DUI or drug-related offense, fatal car accidents, history of reckless driving and must not have a criminal history.

  1. Insurance: There are big-time chances when you do not know what kind of insurance you require as an Uber driver. Thus, Uber provides insurance when you log in and drive individuals. It will cover only the losses and not for the driver’s personal loss. When you drive passengers, it covers commercial liability, bodily injuries, contingent and collision coverage as well.
  2. What kind of car: It depends on the city you live in. Generally, the smaller cities either need 2005 car models or newer car mode. The bigger cities must have vehicles needs to have a four-door sedan that sits four or more passengers, not including the driver. The vehicle must not have a savage title or marked as a taxi. If these requirements are not met then you need to buy a car that fits such requirements.
  3. Money: Most drivers would make 10-20$ per hour. Uber provides $200 cash when you apply to be the Uber driver. These are two ways that would benefit you, however, it all depends on you, how you maximize your earnings. You can save on fuel by driving a hybrid vehicle which will help you save up to $200 on gas every month. You can also choose the area that has lack of drivers and that way you can land on some good passengers.
  4. Taxes and costs:

Taxes: As an Uber driver, you have marked yourself as a freelance driver. You will receive a 1099 form that will set aside the taxes you would be paying where you will be able to write-off job expenses such as miles, expenses and etc. It will be easier to keep track of your expenses and spending if you have a devoted account/card for it.

Costs: Uber will be responsible for the cleaning costs and rest is all on you such as gas, repairs, maintenance, etc.

Conclusion: Do not miss the opportunity of becoming a cab driver with Uber. It is easy and you will receive the gift of a useful skill for life. Contact and become Uber Driver easily.