These 5 Tricks Will Save You Tons Of Space In Your Garage

Homeowners use their garage for a myriad of purposes. You could say the garage is the most versatile area of any home. Some homeowners keep their car or multiple cars there, while others store their unwanted stuff or even transform these rooms into workshops, vacation rentals or even home theaters.

If there’s one thing that’s true is that you can never seem to get enough space in your garage. If you are using your garage as both storage and a safe place for your car, you’ve probably had to fight through the clutter to get to your car and out of it.

In this article, we’ll share a couple of useful tips that can help you maximize the available space in your garage and never have to face the clutter again.

Overhead Storage

If you are using your garage for both vehicle and item storage, you may not have enough room in there to fit all the shelves you need to store all your belongings safely. Fortunately, companies like Good Garage offer a solution for that problem – overhead storage.

This solution actually allows you to store items above your vehicles and reach them whenever you need safely. If you are worried about these items damaging your car – you don’t have to. These overhead racks are made from quality, durable materials and secured so no harm comes to you or your vehicle.

Garage Shelves

One of the most commonly used storage solutions is traditional shelving. Garage shelves are usually easy to assemble and can store a lot of items. One trick to keep in mind is that you should store the heaviest items on the bottom of the shelf and move the light ones higher up. Not only will this minimize the potential risk of falling damage, but it will also lower the shelves’ gravity center, making it more stable. This way you’ll also be able to easily reach and move the heavier items.

Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins are a more flexible solution to your storage problems. They fit items both large and small and can be stored in several different ways. These bins can be found at most home improvement stores or even ordered online.

Peg Boards

If you want to keep bicycles, skis and other heavy items in your garage, consider investing in a pegboard. These boards can fit different items on the wall using additional racks that can sustain heavy loads.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Finally, wall-mounted cabinets are a great storage solution if you have enough space in your garage. They will let you organize all your items and keep the garage looking neat and tidy at all times. However, you will most likely have to hire an expert to install them, as improper installation could lead to damage and injuries.

We hope this article gave you enough ideas to find the best storage solution for your particular problem. Make sure you make a list of items you need to store and determine the best storage solution or combination of solutions that will work best for you. These ticks can help you transform your garage and increase the curb appeal of your home. The best thing of all – you won’t have to live with the clutter anymore!