The Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Brands That Hold Their Own in the Fashion World

Women’s motorcycle jackets are essential gear for anyone who wants to stay safe on the road, track or trail. Fortunately, since women’s motorcycle jacket designers have stepped up in recent years, you don’t have to abandon your sense of style when you put on your protective gear. Here are some of the top jacket brands making a splash in the fashion world.

As the variety of feminine motorcyclists continues to extend, it stands to reason that there’s Associate in Nursing inflated would like for girls animal skin bike jackets. And luckily for the women, there’s legion selection obtainable to them–allowing them to not solely be well-protected, however to appear smart within the method.

Regarding the security side, women animal skin bike jackets aren’t a lot of completely different from public convenience. This can be because it ought to be, as a result of Associate in nursing objective analysis shows that ladies ride their bikes even as quick and sharply as men do. This suggests a similar level of protection that the male riders need. That the main protecting component in public convenience jackets is additionally in females.

Because safety is that the most vital factor along with your bike jacket, you wish to 1st check the standard of the jacket’s handicraft. Explore for proof that some stitches are born. One or 2 born stitches isn’t cause for alarm, however if you see this repeatedly, this can be a certain sign that correct quality-control procedures weren’t followed. You would be sensible to appear elsewhere. Handicraft is very important; as a result of it’ll hold the jacket along within the event of a severe impact. So it ought to be uniform throughout the jacket.


CorTech doesn’t have the cachet of a French fashion house, but it holds its own when it comes to women’s motorcycle fashion. With jackets that feature modern materials, stylish tailoring and classic colors, CorTech garments look as good on the runway as they do behind the handlebars of a Harley.

Scorpion EXO

Fashion isn’t only ball gowns and couture dresses. Often, the hottest looks are edgy and dynamic. That certainly is the case with jackets from Scorpion EXO. If you order one of these, you expect to show off your motorcycle cred. Still, jackets from Scorpion EXO easily transition from the road to the bar, theater or restaurant. If you want your helmet to match your jacket, Scorpion EXO has a line of womens motorcycle helmets that are as stylish as they are durable.


When you think of classic motorcycle jackets, you probably feel nostalgic. The best fashion brands can’t beat the styling of Icon. The jackets from this company feature traditional lines, classic materials and iconic styling. They also come in a variety of colors, making them a versatile addition to any women’s closet. Even though Icon pieces look great, they have modern armor technology to protect you from the hazards of the road.

For all your womens motorcycle jacket needs, offers one-stop shopping. With the top brands in the industry, the selection there is simply unbeatable. Rather than wearing something that looks terrible, head over to and invest in a fashion-forward jacket.