The Wire Bending Process

A wire is used in a wide array of industries. We are talking about stainless steel hospital equipment like frames and handles, automotive support wires and other structural frames. While manual wire bending has been around for a while, technology has made everything better. For instance, thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, precision wire bending has been made possible. Today, people are able to have a wire cut and bent to their specific standards.

This is what you need to know about CNC wire bending process

  1. What happens if one requires an already bent steel to be bent into another shape or direction? well, it’s actually pretty simple: for the CNC machine of course! What happens is that the steel is taken through the straightening process.

The CNC bending machine is automated and consists of a steel hoop machine and a straightening system. How do they work? Well, the straightening system is comprised of two sets of rolls that are adjusted vertically and horizontally through automation. There also are traction wheels that are powered by a servo motor, whose job is to straighten the steel bars with the utmost precision.

  1. Once the steel bars or wire has been straightened, it is taken through a utility model. The system consists of a reducer, two-stage brake motor, and a slowing level. These parts work in coordination to bend the wire.

This is how. The slowing level is composed of gears which bend the disk wheel. As a result, the curved surface is able to enter a center to suit different orientations. Note that the input and output ratio is balanced thanks to the presence of reducer and the brake motor. These work to control the bending speed by making it stable and accurate.

  1. The automatic electrical controls also come in handy when it comes to achieving precision. This is what is used to change the speed of the motors and gears and even spell out the bending angle: and you wonder how such perfection and precision is achieved. By using the positive and negative controls, bi-directional commands are reinforced on the bends.
  2. The CNC control system is a one-stop shop that contains all the commands needed for straightening the wire. Sizing it to the required dimensions, bending it and also cutting of steel bars. Regardless of the diameter that you need your wire to be, CNC controls systems are able to accurately meet your parameters. What that means that it does not matter with the industry that the products will serve in, CNC wire bending machines are able to meet a variety of industrial needs.

Before the wire bending process begins, the operator ensures that all the machine parts are in good working condition and have been adequately lubricated and maintained. The screws need to be in place to ensure that the machine works as intended. CNC wire bending is a fully automated procedure. That means that the operation of the machine are controlled by the CNC system.