The various methods to burn fat

Today’s topic about fat burning methods will consist of 10 simple tips or, if you will, recommendations. These recommendations once again prove that there is no single system for weight loss.Each person adjusts the weight loss process individually, experimenting and gaining experience. In order to get better results you may always take the help of the Best Coolsculpting Treatments in Vancouver BC.

Fat Burning Tips

Try not to take these tips as a guide, but use them as tips. Clues are always needed when any questions arise, and whether to apply them or not is up to you. Go!

Combine loads

Not only traditional methods such as cardio training (on an empty stomach) burn fat, but power loads are also no less effective. Hence the conclusionthe combination of these types of loads speeds up the process of burning fat.

Full sleep

The role of sleep for human health is difficult to overestimate. Sleep is needed to restore the body, muscle growth and fat burning, as well as other important processes. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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I wrote about water repeatedly and again draw your attention to this important component for losing weight. 1.5-2 liters of plain water per day is not only the correct operation of the body, but also the process of weight loss.


Make it a rule to plan your diet and exercise program. So you build a long-term strategy for losing weight. In other words, make a plan. This is best done on paper.

Achievable goals

No need to plan on losing 20 kg per month. Even if you achieve this, you will hit the body hard. And if not, then you will be disappointed. Build realistic goals, for example, 1 kg per week. Pity yourself physically and psychologically.

The balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates

There is no need to refuse anything. Find the balance of food consumption you need. For example, you can stick to the popular proportion 40% proteins – 40% carbohydrates – 20% fats.

Type of cardio load

You can walk on the treadmill for more than 2 hours or turn on the imagination and within 30 minutes apply 4 different types of loads – walking on stairs, step, ellipsoid trainer, exercise bike. The effect will be almost the same. Personally, I have 30 minutes of various interval loads.

Fasting days

You, probably, thought about fasting days on one kefir. No, everything is exactly the opposite. During the diet, you eat right, and on the seventh day you relax and allow yourself a little more (pizza, hamburger, ice cream, etc.). This is a necessary deception of the body to make it clear that you are not on a strict diet. I am sure you are waiting for these days with impatience. You deserve it.