The Top 3 Pieces to Have in Place for Your Next Big Construction Project

Big construction projects often call for heavy-duty and reliable tools. When you’re working with hard materials, such as concrete or steel, you might want to consider renting equipment and transporting it to your worksite. Here are some examples of construction tools that will make your job a little easier.

Skid Steer Saw

Need to cut through something as sturdy concrete or granite? A skid steer saw extension will likely be one of your go-to solutions. When paired with the right concrete cutting equipment, this extension allows you to achieve a maximum of 30 inches of cutting depth.

For efficient results use a skid steer saw extension in conjunction with a standard, high-flow machine, or mini excavator.

Metal Saw Attachment

When your task involves cutting through materials like aluminum, copper, or steel, you’ll need to use a metal saw attachment. Look for a saw with tungsten carbide brazed on its tips. While most of the saw is made of steel, tungsten carbide edges allow it to cut more efficiently and delays dulling of the saw.

Note that a carbide-tipped saw blade will eventually need to be sharpened. However, you should be able to get more usage out of it than a standard blade would provide.

Rotary Crusher Buckets 

If your project requires you to clear out large rocks, make sure you bring a rotary crusher bucket to the worksite. This machine will grind objects down to gravel, which is much easier to transport or recycle.

Customized Solutions

These tools are only several examples of the types of equipment you can rent from local manufacturers and distributors like Rock Tools Attachments. You might also discover you need other customized solutions, including rotators, offset extensions, and twin blade saws. Buckets, such as a screening bucket or jaw crusher bucket, are also available for rent and useful to have at your worksite, depending on the project.

Transporting Your Machinery

Most construction tools aren’t just heavy duty, they’re downrightheavy. This can be especially problematic when you need to transport various types of equipment to and from a worksite. One towing service Denver residents turn to for help with this issue is McLain’s Towing.

These towing specialists can help you move your small machinery with the use of a spacious truck. This allows you to return any rented tools back to their owner, and rest assured that the equipment won’t suffer damage during transit.