The Role of an SEO Expert in Driving Traffic to E-commerce Sites

Today, over 80% of shoppers do their shopping online before making a purchase. Therefore, visibility is essential to anyone who runs an e-commerce shop. As such, you need an SEO specialist who can make this visibility possible for you. You need to ensure that you are ahead of your competition when it comes to e-commerce. To do so, you require an SEO professional who is versatile in e-commerce optimization. SEO has been shown to be a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website; it allows you to look at your web analytics and know how your e-commerce website performs. Organic search is the best source of quality in traffic and sales. Here is how an SEO Expert like will help you improve your e-commerce site.

Optimize your website for images and keywords

Using the right keywords, the SEO professional will bring up your products when a customer is searching for something you provide. They will include phrases or words that are related to your product pages that will attract more visitors to your website and improve your conversion and sales rates. Your prospects are likely to use a unique combination of words as they search for a product. Therefore, your SEO specialist needs to know the keywords that are likely to be used during these searches. This will improve the likelihood of a prospective client landing on your page.

Recently, research has shown that you can attract the younger generation to your site using images that have rich descriptions. These images appeal to young shoppers who are likely to be drawn to the visuals as they shop for a product in your area of specialization. However, your SEO professional needs to ensure that your site is mobile friendly to attract more clients.


Your SEO professional needs to pay close attention to the content as it provides much credibility to prospective clients. Most visitors are interested in your “About Us” page as well as your social media profile to learn more about your company and products. If you check the analytics tool you use, you will realize that these are the greatest sources of traffic for your e-commerce site. You need credibility to inspire confidence in your eCommerce site by creating a meet the team area and use of trust symbols to ensure that those who visit the site know who you are and what you are about.

Social media posting

To create and maintain a social media presence, it is essential to your brand and e-commerce site. As such, your SEO specialist will ensure that your site is linked to a social media site such as Twitter or Facebook. They should be in a position to upload valuable content about your product regularly or give you ideas on how to do so. The information you can place on social media concerning your e-commerce site includes:

  • Special offers
  • News on what is happening next on your site
  • Tips on how to use the products that you have in your e-commerce site
  • The offers that are available in your e-commerce site to entice your clients to buy more products

These factors improve the visibility of your website and ensure that you gain more sales and profits in your e-commerce business. Naturally, an SEO professional makes it possible for your customers to find you; you do not have to go and find them. This is cost-effective to your business and ensures that you gain more profits. For instance, if you are a start-up, e-commerce is the best way for you to start earning revenue in your business and fostering business growth.

Through page optimization, your SEO professional ensures that you never have to worry about what your customers require. You will always have what you need and your site will always be updated with what is trending, and this ensures that your clients are enlightened in your business niche. Your SEO specialist will ensure that you have the best SEO strategies to increase visibility and conversion rates. Furthermore, you will have what you need to conduct electronic transactions seamlessly. This enables your clients to shop online and getting the goods or services you sell them conveniently.

Therefore, get a competent SEO professional today for that start-up e-commerce site and ensure that you gain not just more profit but growth to your business daily.

Author Bio – Maria Jones is blogger and content writer who write many article on career, business, lifestyle and technology. She enjoy to read new thing on internet. She spend lot of time on social media.