The Love for Kayaking- Bradley Sterling Speaks Of A Different World

Among the numerous adventure sports, kayaking is something that gives you intense adrenalin rush and is most definitely not something for the faint hearted. Kayak is a unique kind of a boat that is used for this sport and one type of this kayaking is the whitewater kayaking, which as the name suggests is kayaking on whitewater. It involves the rowing of the kayak in gentle as well as dangerous whitewater and the encounter with grade 6 rapids. Bradley Sterling is a kayaking enthusiast and takes time out to enjoy this passion of his from time to time.

Depending on the grade of the rapid, there are different types of kayaks, basically there are four types of kayaks one for each grade of rapid. These kayaks are however, are not similar to the sea  kayaks, and offer fantastic stability in the water. Each type of kayak has different characteristics which avid enthusiasts like Bradley Sterling are well aware as they go regularly for kayaking. However, all the types of kayaks are extremely easy to maneuver and maintain high stability in the water simultaneously.

Several Types of Kayaking- Bradley Sterling Points Them Down For Enthusiasts

River Running Kayaks – both the experienced paddler as well as the novice can use this type of kayak for an exciting kayaking adventure. The soft edges, the stability and the speed of these kayaks make it highly user friendly, this is probably due to the substantial length and volume of the kayak. Advanced kayakers find ease in the maneuvering this vessel because of its flat bottom and surf very easily. The smooth round bows of these kayaks make it nice and comfortable and at the same time easy to roll and brace.

Creeking Kayaks – as you can easily figure out from the name, these kayaks are especially designed for adventures through the narrow creeks. For those kayakers interested in taking a little risk and taking the level of adventure one notch higher this is the perfect kind of kayak. They are deliberately designed to maneuver over difficult and highly technical rapids along with the strength to endure the rough behavior of the rocks and boulders present in the narrow creeks. The soft chine of these kayaks is what makes them suitable for moving easily through the narrow creeks. They generally have a length of 8 feet with a rounded displacement hull – this enable the kayak to have a soft landing even when it falls from great heights.

Freestyle Kayaks – also known by the names of Play boating or Rodeo kayaks, these are for the creative kayakers- those kayakers who love to show off their skills of kayaking by spinning, surfing and exhibiting other vertical movements with the kayak. Any type of river feature that you may come across no longer seems troublesome with this kind of kayak and therby gives a very satiating experience to the kayaker.

Free Running Kayaks – for those kayakers who love paddling along the river and enjoy the thrill of the river at the same time, this is the ideal kind of kayak. It is a sort of hybrid between the freestyle and the river running kayak.

Kayaking is an amazing experience if you know how to use your skills as a  kayaker and a suitable kayak for yourself.