The Do’s and Dont’s of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal works best on people’s light skin or dark hair. Unfortunately, people with blonde, gray or red hair may not see optimal results as desired. The laser beam does not target the hair itself; rather, it targets the pigment within the hair. Those with other shades of hair color lack enough pigmentation for the laser beam to effectively detect the hair and target it. Additionally, the laser machines are not compatible with dark or tanned skin tones, according to the renowned Dr. Mahmoud Siddique. There needs to be enough contrast between the pigment in the hair and that in the skin for the treatment to work properly.

Postpone other Treatments

Hold off, cancel or postpone all of your other hair-removal treatments once you have set a date for your first treatment. This will ensure that your hair is in the proper condition for a laser treatment. For laser hair removal to work best, the hair follicles need to be in the right stage of growth, known as the anagen phase. Too little hair interferes with the zapping process and you won’t get the best results. Too much hair and the hair follicles will have held firmly to the root and skin, making the process uncomfortable, painful and inefficient. Run a razor gently on the day of the appointment, exposing just enough of the hair follicles to enable the laser beam to focus more precisely.

Avoid the Sun

The dermatologist will advise what’s best for you but generally, you may need to avoid sunbathing as much as possible before and even after the treatment. Limit your exposure to the sun as much as you can to prevent the sun from burning your skin and changing the shade. If you must be outside, ensure you apply sunscreen lotions with the recommended SPF number to create a protective layer over the skin. Moreover, if you have a tan, wait until it fades before attempting the treatment. It’s always better to check the upcoming holidays which might affect the timing of your appointment.

For the laser hair removal treatment to work, multiple appointments are needed. It’s important to be consistent and to make appointments every month or six weeks. Generally, it takes a bit longer to see results on the body compared to the face. The face needs six to eight sessions while the body requires anywhere between eight to ten sessions.


The average cost of the treatment varies depending on how large or small the surface that’s being treated is, how many sessions are required and where you live, among others. There is also a possibility that after adhering to all recommendations, the treatment may still not deliver the perfect results, that is, leaving you completely hair-free. Depending on the person, the machine may leave behind fine hairs that cannot be eliminated by the laser.

Expect post-treatment discomforts, such as irritation and redness. Don’t worry as this is normal. Placing a cool compress or ice pack wrapped in a towel over the treated area will help with the healing. To ensure the discomfort dissipates quickly, stay hydrated and keep out of the sun. In addition to that, the heat from the laser beam stays in the skin for at least 24 hours. Thus, you’ll have to avoid any intense physical activities that may raise your body temperature, such as going to the gym, taking a hot shower, and sauna, among others.