The Best Ski Resorts in the World to Test Absolutely!

In this article, e have prepared for you and for the fans of sliding the top of the best ski resorts to test across the continents! It is also an excuse to discover these countries in addition to enjoying the joys of snow and skiing!


Aspen – United States:

Everyone has heard of Aspen, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountains. With its 4 ski resorts, Aspen welcomes thousands of tourists every year in search of snow and thrills. It’s also in this well-known ski resort that the annual X Games, an extreme winter sports competition rebroadcast on TVs around the world, takes place every year.

Las Lena’s – Argentina:

Let’s descend now to South America to discover a new station, one of the biggest of the continent besides: that of Las Lena’s. On the peaks of the Cordillera des Andes, the 7080-hectare estate offers all those interested in classic skiing, cross-country skiing and freestyle skiing! The ski resort Las Lena’s is located in the province of Mendoza in Argentina. Skiers and snowboarders have 52 kilometers of pistes at their disposal.

Perisher – Australia:

Let’s continue this world tour, stopping this time in Australia, south of Snowy Mountains in New Wales. The Perisher ski area is the longest and largest in the country; it extends over 4 peaks, the highest culminates at 2054 meters above sea level. But beware, in Australia, skiing is a sport that comes back very quickly: to ski two days in this resort, it will cost a modest $ 244 for the package and $ 148 for equipment, not to mention the hotel and transportation to get there. But the prices can sometimes justify the vastness of this ski area: the skiers and the snowboarders have at their disposal 100 kilometers of tracks.

Yamanouchi – Japan:

We go back a little in our world to arrive at the Asian continent and more precisely in the Japanese Alps. In Nagano prefecture, we discover one of the best ski areas of Japan: the ski area of Yamanouchi which includes more than 21 ski resorts. The best known of these remains Shiga Kogen, which hosted part of the events of the 1998 Olympic Games and very regularly, events of the Alpine Ski World Cup.

Afriski – South Africa:

We finish this top 5 with Afri-ski, a ski area located in Lesotho in the center of the Park Maluti-Drakensberg Tran frontier. With a peak at 3222 meters above sea level, the Afriski station attracts thousands of visitors every year, including the French overseas, who are curious to ski on the snow-capped African mountains; indeed, this new “domain” consists of only a few tracks for all levels. Here, the prices are more affordable resorts in Australia: about 100 € for three days, skis rental included.