The best online stores for stationery and other office needs

Nowadays, a lot of people spend a lot of time on their laptops and phones. There are many things to do aside from swiping and typing. All the staring at screens can take a toll on someone’s creativity. Thus, it’s no wonder that creative professionals crave tangible, physical, and tactile. One of the amazing ways to reboot your imagination and re-engage with the physical world is by buying some beautiful stationery.

Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your desk with designer-led and gorgeous products. If you know where to find them, some of the most captivating stationery can be affordable. These independent shops may not be under the radar, yet they’re devoted to their craft, like the Bookbinders Design.

Some of the tools in bookbinding you can buy on the online stationery site:

These are some of the various types of hand tools for creative bookbinding. They are usually used with thread or stitching wire for creative bookbinding.

  • Paper Counter

A paper counter is a hand tool that is used to break off stacks of paper. Paper counters are used in the graphic world like in printing works.

  • Paper-cutter

A paper-cutter is a smooth piece of bone used as a tool in bookbinding. It is an instrument for folding paper by hand. When using a paper-cutter you press down harder on the paper. Producing smooth down the paper without any smudges or blemishes.

Bookbinders Design

  • Thimbles

It is usually used in bookbinders, a hand tool that is called a thimble. This allows you to leaf through a pile of documents or books easily. Also, ideal for counting paper or tickets.

  • Scalpel

A scalpel knife or scalpel is used for creative bookbinding. This is used to cut cardboard or paper easily.

List of the best online stationery stores you can depend on

  • Milligram

They begin as a dining room hustle, they excel int in the online stationery world. You can rely on this site for goal-setting, bullet journals, and all manner of pens.

  • InkyCo

They offer gorgeous paper goods including tags and wrapping. All items are printed and designed in Australia.

  • Washi Gang

Not for the minimalist or faint-hearted, checking Washi Gang’s online store is an eye-catching treat to the senses. Their fun stationery collection includes notebooks, pens, stickers, and journals.

  • Corban & Blair

Corban & Blair is a female-owned and operated design business in Australia. If your style is artisanal leather compendiums, desk accessories, and journals. You can enjoy browsing this online site.

  • Scratch and Jotter

Scratch and Jotter provide a distinct way to browse stationery online. With organized collections for the Dreamer, Doer, and Thinker. The fountain pen collection is old-fashioned yet modern.

  • Bookbinders Design

They are experts in quality-handcrafted products with Scandinavian design in a range of genuine materials.