Testosterone cycle for beginners

It is not that easy to understand the steroid cycles designed for beginners. The reason behind is these people will have very less understanding about hormones and not the cycles themselves are complicated. So, in majority of the cases there will not be expected results since users are not aware of what they are doing. One more reason can be beginner is using some useless steroid. Even though the user has chosen the right one, he may not have knowledge on duration and dosage. Majority of the beginners are not aware of how much dose they should consume and how long they should consume the same. So, these issues results in no significant result even after few weeks of going through a bulking or a cutting cycle. This leads to frustration as well.

So, it is important to understand the duration, dose and effects of the chosen steroid before starting the cycles. Beginners can rely on internet for these information. There are many forums available where experienced users share their reviews.

Beginner cycles:

It is recommended that beginners follow testosterone cycles in the beginning. This will be very effective and best choice for them. Testosterone being an anabolic steroid considered as most versatile. When we consider healthy male adults testosterone is the steroid which is well tolerated.

One can also start off with stacks by combining many steroids during the bulking or a cutting cycle. But in many cases only the testosterone will give expected results. There is a risk if one starts with a stack because they are new to anabolic steroids and they are not aware of its effects on them. So there are chances that user may face some issues with them. So, if one starts with only testosterone then they can study their body since it is usually well tolerated. Further once testosterone is tolerated then they can start adding other steroids. There are many testosterone cycles that can be suggested for beginners. Best among them is as follows.

  • First week to 12 weeks: either Testosterone Cypionate or testosterone enanthate. Dose 250 mg – 500 mg a week
  • Week thirteen to fifteen: user should not take anything
  • Week 16 to 17: Nolvadex 40 mg a day
  • Week 18- 19: Nolvadex 20 mg a day