Take the Benefits of Home Remedies in Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body is having many problems among them you will come across with cough and vomiting problem that will make you weak and lazy.  Cough is common problem faced by women in this stage which is caused by the virus or bacteria which is not good for your baby.

 There are couples of home remedies for cough during pregnancy which may be followed by women for this major problem.

Some of the points which should be taken into consideration are:-

  • Warm fluids– This is one of the best remedy for prevention of cough as women should move for warm fluids, especially ginger tea which will gave them instant relief from cough.
  • Honey– Women should also go for honey mixed with warm water and few drops of tulsi leaves which will also give them instant relief from cough
  • Drops – It is good if women should take saline drops instead of medicines as they will get relief from blocked nose and congestion in throat
  • Juice– Orange juice is also best in cough as it is rich with vitamin C. Along with that women should also drink plenty of warm water which will also prove good in cough.
  • Rest- Lastly, women should go for rest and adequate sleep which will help in recovery of cough problem.

Remedies in Pregnancy

Along with cough problems women will also come across with home remedies for vomiting in pregnancy which will give you instant relief without moving to you doctor again and gain. Some of the home remedies will include:

  • Water– women should drink plenty of water in pregnancy as it will keep them hydrated they will not have feeling of vomiting. Along with that, women should also move for liquid diet instead of solid diet as during pregnancy time it is difficult to digest and you will face the problem of vomiting.
  • Lemon– It is best to control vomiting, women should suck 3- 4 drops of lemon with black salt which will give them good feeling
  • Ginger tea– Women should drink Ginger tea which will also prove best in motion sickness. Herbal tea will also prove good in vomiting if it includes chamomile along with peppermint leaves. It will give you better taste and your vomiting sensation will be removed.
  • Go for fennel seeds and amla candy- Women should chew some fennel seeds and go for amla candy which is also one of the best ways in controlling vomiting.
  • Exercises-Exercise is best way in controlling nausea. It will increase your appetite by digesting food properly and you will not come across with the problem of vomiting. Along with that you should walk twice a day after your meal which helps in digesting your food.
  • Rest – Rest is also important as if you take enough rest and proper sleep you will not come across with the main problem of vomiting.

Thus, these are the above home remedies which can be taken during pregnancy time. In addition to this you should keep in mind that during the times of pregnancy hormonal changes and mood swings are bound to happen. It is a natural phenomenon which is a passing stage and one of the most important points of consideration is proper rest and sleep on all counts.