Supplement Benefits for Weight Loss

Many people show dedication in maintaining a healthy life style. Athletes and professionals like weight lifters show more dedication with rigorous practices to attain bulk muscles and toned up body. As we all know the process of attaining this goal is not very easy. Hence to aid people better in this process, many health care companies have launched health supplement products that aids in weight loss. These products are targeted to be sold across the globe through online in most of the cases as many countries ban the usage of these products. Though many products are not steroids they provide users with an artificial energy for some period of time and is treated as energy stimulant. Clenbuterol often called as Clen belongs to this category.

Cycle and dosages of Clen

Clen will have to be taken in prescribed cycle in a cyclic manner to avoid any side effects. This product is claimed to boost metabolism in our body there by promoting fat loss. But as body metabolism increases, the blood pumping and circulation also increases which would lead to devas ting effects if not controlled properly through prescribed dosages. Beginners Clen cycle for men varies by beginning with 20 mcg per day and gradually going till 140 mcg per day. It is to be noted that this will have to be done in a cyclic manner to avoid any over dosage. Person who begins can start off with minimum dosage and keep on increasing 10 mcg per day for 2 weeks. Then he need to stop the routine for 2 weeks and then gradually start from where he left. This cycle is famous one and normally termed as two weeks on and off cycle. Similarly, while stopping same cyclic process will have to be followed rather than stopping it abruptly.

Usage precautions and know ban rules

Clen does not promote functioning of any hormone. Also though this product is not a steroid, this is considered as energy stimulant. Hence this product is totally banned for use by athletes. Also we will have to know that the effects of this product stays only for few weeks of span. Our body retains Clenbuterol ingredients only for 3-4 days. So after this period of time nearly 90% of the residues of this product will be washed off. But still professionals and athletes who are in due to face competition should have stayed away from this product for quite few months

Availability and duplications

This product can be purchased legally online without prescription though this is banned in many countries. Many retail stores would hand over dosage of Clen if a valid prescription for treating respiratory diseases for horses is shown. This product initially developed for treating respiratory diseases is still used for same among animals. Though there is a legal ban to sell this product inside many countries, you can easily acquire your share online. Beginners Clen cycle for men is basic measurement to start off with this product thought it varies for women. Also as this product is very famous for weight loss many duplicates are being marketed and sold at cheap rate across globe. So a buyer will have to double check the authenticity of the manufacturer and follow the dosages and cycles very strictly.