Steps to Drug Recovery

Are you in the middle of a drug recovery program or thinking of entering one? Or are you a friend or loved one who is interested in learning more about the drug recovery process that a person you know is going through? Either way, drug expects such as Heather Taras drugs and others detail how important it is to fully understand and know the steps to drug recovery and how these steps can help build a person up in order to help keep drugs out of their future. Read more below, to learn more about each and every one of these steps.

Step 1: The decision to make a change

Perhaps the most difficult step to take, the decision to make a change and separate drugs from your life will easily be one of the biggest decisions in your entire existence. First off, congrats! Second off, you’ve got a long road ahead of you but luckily it’s a road you’ll never have to venture down alone.

Step 2: Exploring the treatment options available

After you’ve made the decision to seek help and exit drugs from your life for good, the next step is to seek out the different treatment options available and decide which one is the best fit for you. You may need a little convincing with this step, so if you have family members or friends who can help, don’t feel any shame in asking for that help. More often than not, they’ll be thrilled that you included them in the decision making process. The different treatment options available are inpatient, outpatient and duel diagnosis.

Step 3: Finding support

Once you’ve completed your treatment, you’ll now want to continue your sobriety with a support group of some sort. Generally speaking these are groups comprised of other individuals who have gone through the same steps as you’re currently going through, or those who are in the same stage of recovery. You can also find support within family members and friends, though most have more success through a drug recovery group.


Step 4: Making sobriety last

The best way to make your sobriety last is to make sure that all triggers are taken out of your life. These can be friends, family members or the place you used to live. Sometimes clothes will also cause a negative effect. This means you should completely change up your life if you have to.

Step 5: Building a life without drugs

Though this step will indeed take a lot of effort on your part, it’s another important step in your recovery. This step involves taking part in new activities that you didn’t do before. Some great examples are sports, knitting, reading, painting and other activities that take your mind off of drugs and other negative aspects of life.

Step 6: Continuing to move forward

Though the road to recovery is always changing and always presenting new challenges along the way, it is important to never lose sight of your goal and dream life. Though time may be on your side, or it may take you longer than you thought to feel strong again, never ever lose hope.

With the steps listed above, you have a great chance of beating your drug addiction and fighting your way through your drug recovery.