Some Tried and Tested Tips to Help You Deal with Business Debts

Many business owners suffer from business debts, in fact, studies have shown that nearly 50% of middle-level business owners worry about business debts and find managing their business debts a menace. If situations get problematic, then businesses find it difficult to sort the mess out, and many companies simply file for bankruptcy to try and come out of debt. Even filing bankruptcy is a difficult process for filing for bankruptcy costs a lot of money due to court and advocate fees. The business reputation of the company also gets affected, and regaining stability in business becomes improbable. However, there are some ways to avert this financial downfall, and in this article, you will learn about some effective tips to control debt before it gets out of your hand.

  1. Learn about the conditions of the loan before taking it

You must calculate what the debt coverage ratio is before taking a loan. You will learn how easily you can pay back the loan from this information. Debt coverage ratio will help to determine what the amount and the interest rates should be for the loan. To calculate a probable debt coverage ratio, you will be required to divide your total operating amount with both the interest and the principal payment of your debt. Ideally, the ratio should be above or at 1.15; then you would have to increase the cash flow in your business.

  1. Increase your cash flow

You must look to constantly increase your cash flow so that you can pay off your debts. Make it a priority to improve the cash flow for the sake of repaying loans. You must increase the productivity of your business to generate more cash. Manage your accounts always and adequately renegotiate your loan terms with the vendors. Look for new suppliers if you find your old ones not giving you proper rates, see to it if the period for repayment of loans can be increased. Always optimize the inventory turnover, stagnant inventories will drain the cash reserves of your company. Hence, you must constantly monitor your inventory and see that it is bought at the right time to cater to anticipated demands. For more information on how to manage your debts, visit

  1. Future-proof debts

Interest rates are likely to increase in the future by around 1.50 %. When interest rates get increased, businesses which have pending debts will be hard hit. With low-interest rates these days, it would be good to lock in a fixed rate interest loan to future proof the loan when interest rates rise later. Fixed rate of interest will assure that you pay a constant rate of interest for a fixed period regardless of whether interest rates fluctuate or not.


There are various ways to promote your business, but it should always be a priority to increase revenues to sustain a healthy cash flow. You can apply the steps outlined in this article to ensure your business has good cash reserves always.