Social Media Marketing

A giveaway is a marketing strategy in which goods are given free of cost to the customers in order to increase the business. Nowadays the use of social media is increasing as a platform for marketing. Most of the companies market their products using these websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter which are considered to be the giants on social media. While publishing posts and adding photos to social media websites, occasionally., companies do giveaways for the customers in order to leat the customers to their website make web purchases.

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Instagram is currently ranking number one in social media websites. You, as an individual or a company, can post photos and videos on the media and by the increase in your followers your popularity grows. Companies usually endorse their new products via a social platform which are meant for the customers to know them. Sometimes it is good to distribute some of the items for free. This way any customer who receives free stuff will try to browse through your range of products and might end up purchasing some and relatively generating profit for your company.

This technique is proven to be effective since it involves a small number of goods to be given away for free and people usually are looking for free stuff. Following are the steps involved in Instagram Giveaway

  1. Select the commodity
  2. Specify the entry aspects
  3. Schedule the length of Giveaway
  4. Post an article
  5. Get the results
  6. Spread the names of the winners.