Six SEO myths revealed by San Diego SEO agency

When you are creating a business and looking to advertise it the best possible way. There are many ways to make this happen but an SEO will have the required knowledge to be able to publish your site when the correct keywords that will give them the best results.

Google which receives the most traffic always changes their algorithms. Therefore it makes it very challenging to know the keywords. There are many myths around SEO’s and that people have been scammed by them due to their being no results. You must have 100% trust in the SEO before paying for their service.

The first myth is that SEO’s or voodoos. The reason why this myth is here is because SEO’s who did bad practitioners did bad work and you have no results to show. Being a real SEO is not magic it takes hard work and knowing that things are changing everyday. The SEO must be knowledgeable in algorithms and when these will be at the highest.

The second myth is that all you need is great content and everything will work out. Content is not the king because you need links for good content and likewise. Although content is a major part there is a need to have the extra part and that is the link that takes the user to the great content.

The third myth is that speed isn’t that important. Although Google says that this will not affect the marketing this is wrong. If you cut your speed in half you can double the traffic coming in. This is more the case when there is a dramatic difference like 20 seconds to 4 seconds.

The fourth myth is that links are dead. Links make it possible to bring in more traffic and therefore more business. Never think to get rid of your links because this is how your content gets more visibility. Especially to get links that are at the top of the search engine you will have to pay a pretty penny. Don’t expect to pay $99 and be at the top in Google.

The fifth myth is keyword density. Google no longer uses the keyword density as they assume it is not valid. Placing keywords on different pages no longer benefits to add more traffic. A better way to adding more traffic is linking internally and externally.

Myth six is that social media increases your ranking. Social media can help but this does not necessarily mean it ranks you higher on the listing. Social media doesn’t give you links but encourages others to link you.

The last myth that will be discussed is that Google uses AI in all its algorithms. The only live algorithm that uses AI within Google is RankBrain. The reason they do not use AI’s in live algorithms is due to if something happened they would not know how to fix it. Google makes a huge portion of its money through advertisements and putting that into the hands of an AI is very scary and risky.

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