Six colours trends the royal family may have influenced 

With every generation of royals, the dressing protocols are becoming more and more relaxed; however, there are still certain rules when it comes to styling that have to be observed by every member of the royal family. One rule that many people don’t realise is that the royals should wear bright and noticeable colours so that they can be seen when surrounded by people.

The royal family has to wear colours that shout ‘look at me’. Here we look at six colours that are now popular that the royals probably had an influence on.


This spring there is one hue that seems to be dominating the fashion trends, which is beige. Princess Diana was famous for her tonal dressing before it hit the runways, wearing beige as one of her staples. She often wore a beige suit paired with tan shoes and a matching handbag as her go-to outfit.


It wasn’t the Kardashians who were the first brave enough to wear neon. Queen Elizabeth II has been rocking the neon shades for years.


Yellow is shaping up to be one of the key colours of 2019, with the soft buttermilks and bolder marigold tones seeming to be cropping up everywhere we look. The latest in the royal family to wear yellow was the Duchess of Sussex, who looked stunning. If you want to fill your wardrobe with celebrity dresses like Meghan’s, check out fashion brands such as for an affordable way to copy her style. Yellows are starting to come out as the unforeseen main hue of 2019, with pieces in soft buttermilks and highlighted marigolds springing up everywhere.

Soft powder blue

We have seen the Cinderella blue dresses trending on our social media since last September. This has been a popular colour with the royals for years and a favourite of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Sugar pink

The royal family is known for sporting bright colours so that people can spot them in crowds when on official visits. Sugary pink is one of the Queen’s go-to colours and one she has been wearing for decades.

Pistachio green

Whether you call it pistachio green or sage, this soft green shade is one of the most popular colours this season. Princess Diana had it down pat when it came to how to wear this most unique colour.

Royal dressing codes might be eased up with every generation, but there are specific styling rules that are seen religiously by every member of the household. The chief one is putting on bright, perceptible shades, so as many people as feasible can point them in the huge crowds. “We have to be noticed to be convinced by, and it’s a way of thinking people seems to have shared with every other senior royal. Observing as its part of their work to put on “Pay attention to me” colours, the royal family frequently put on fashion hues initially and thus offer lot of notions for how to put on colourful hues.