Shoulder injuries in Virginia: Workers’ compensation

Do you have a history of significant shoulder injuries while working in Virginia? Were you aware that most injured employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under their employer’s policy? Depending on your circumstances, you may be covered by your employer’s insurance policy for medical treatment and earn a portion of your weekly salary while recovering.

A worker’s compensation fund serves as a lifeline for people who have suffered severe shoulder injuries. Securing benefits that you are entitled to can be arduous and time-consuming. However, you can smooth the process with the help of an experienced worker’s compensation attorney.

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How Much Does Workers’ Compensation in Virginia Pay for Shoulder Injuries?

No two shoulder injuries in the workplace are the same. Several factors influence the potential worth of your workers’ compensation case.  If you qualify for compensation, you will likely receive reimbursement for:

  • Medical bills – If you suffer a work-related shoulder injury, workers’ compensation benefits should cover the costs associated with your medical care to diagnose and treat it.
  • Lost wages – You may be able to claim disability payments for missed wages if your shoulder injury prevents you from working or limits you to light-duty work. You are entitled to two-thirds of your average weekly wages before the accident in most situations.
  • Rehabilitation costs – If your shoulder injury requires physical therapy or other rehabilitation, your workers’ compensation benefits may cover them. Vocational rehabilitation costs may also be covered if you have to re-learn specific skills to return to work or adjust to a new career.
  • Death benefits – Survivors may be entitled to death payments if a family member died from an on-the-job shoulder injury. The benefits can be used to offset funeral expenses and financial losses in the event of a death.

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What Does My Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Those who are eligible for workers’ compensation in Virginia may be covered for the following:

  • Rides in ambulances and emergency medical treatment
  • Consultations with primary care physicians or specialists
  • Inpatient or outpatient hospital visits
  • Expenses for medical testing and other diagnostic procedures
  • Rehabilitation might be physical, psychological, or occupational
  • Medications on prescription and durable medical equipment
  • Prosthetic devices and replacement limbs
  • Transportation costs to and from appointments
  • A part of any wages lost or reduced
  • Funeral and burial expenditures of up to $10,000