Sedan, Hatchbacks or Coupe – Which One Is the Best Car?

Selection of the type of vehicle is the basic step that you need to do before you purchase a car. There are various superior car models in the market that can make the selection process difficult for you.

Start by identifying the type of vehicle and then do its thorough research. In the present automobile market, SUV, Sedan and Couple are the most bought vehicles in the list. To help you decide which one would be the best choice for you, you should consider following factors.


A Sedan is one of the top-rated models in the category of passenger vehicle that comes with 5 seating spaces and 4 passenger doors spread across 2 rows. The back seats are very much spacious to accommodate a minimum of 2 adults or 3 small children. The cargo compartment is called as the trunk, which is detached from the cabin. It features a lid without window.

Sedans are the commonest type of vehicles present on the market that are considered as a standard to judge all vehicles. All of these vehicles are most appropriate for childless couples, regular-sized families and single individuals.

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Hatchback is another popular passenger vehicle that comes with a rear door. It is called as a hatch, that when lifted enables access to the cargo compartment. Most of the hatchbacks provide 5 seating spaces spread across 2 rows.

They can have either 2 or 4 passenger doors. The cargo space is mostly joined to the cabin. It enables the user to easily fold the 2nd row and make more cargo area in the entire process. The back row is quite spacious to accommodate a minimum of 2 adults or 3 small children. Due to this, hatchbacks are perfect for couples, regular-sized families and singles.


A coupe is popular passenger vehicle with 2 doors and a fixed roof. When compared with the above two models, you will find that a coupe is shorter in size as compared to a hatchback and a sedan. It features 2 or 5 seating spaces spread across 1 or 2 rows. Rear seats are no very spacious for an adult, which implies that they are best suited for lightweight items.

You will see that the cargo compartment in a couple is not connected with the cabin. It features a lid devoid of window through a few couples also offer a hatchback vehicle as an alternative. As couples have a small size, individuals, and couples who don’t have children are ideal contender for coupes.


Sedans, SUV and Coupes are the three most sought and admired types of vehicles in the present industry. All these options come with their own share of features. Based on your driving needs, required functionality and budget, you can choose one that meets your needs perfectly.