Scott Beale Tempus- Understanding Aircraft Management

When it comes to the maintenance of an aircraft, you will find there are many things for a company to carry out. If you are in the aviation business, aircraft management is an effective tool for you to conduct business successfully. With the aid of aircraft management, a company is able to stop employee fatigue, reduce wastage of time and money and enhance the profitability and image of the company with success.

Scott Beale Tempus- The fundamentals of aircraft management

Scott Beale is an esteemed and well-known name in the aviation sector of the USA. He is a licensed commercial pilot and airframe and power plant mechanic with over 20 years of experience in the said field. He is currently the Senior Vice President in Sales and Corporate Development in Tempus Applied Solutions in the USA. He has a degree in Aviation Business Management from Ohio University. He and his team are known to provide high levels of customer service and professionalism in the aviation industry today. Prior to him joining Tempus Applied Solutions, he has owned, managed and developed many aviation companies in the USA. The Scott Beale Tempus team is known for their deep levels of commitment and skills when it comes to the safety of their passengers and staff.

The nuances of aircraft management programs and their services…

Mr. Beale says that as a business owner, when you are buying an aircraft, it is important for you to decide how you should manage it. It is crucial for you to know precisely how it works and who is managing the aircraft. You should also be aware of the benefits of your aircraft as well. He says that there are several aircraft management programs available in the USA and they provide a wide array of services for you. These programs carry out inspections and recommend upgrades that are needed for flights. He says that the aircrafts are maintained and looked after by skilled and experienced technicians. The aircraft also is cleaned properly so that it is safe and hygienic for passengers to travel. At the same time, these aircraft management programs will also advise you on the necessary steps to take when it comes to administration and control of the aircrafts that are under you.

Extra services included in the program

Besides the above, you will also be extensively educated on flight operations that include how to recruit pilots and other trained personnel for the flights that you operate. Your crew needs to be trained on the regulations and all the procedures like emergency processes, systems operations, medical procedures and safety and resource management. Your company should maintain meticulous records to invoke credibility and integrity.

The Scott Beale Tempus team also says that effective dispatch, concierge and scheduling services should also be maintained. Here, the arrangements for customs, hotel , ground transportation, in-progress monitoring of flights, reservations for ground transportation, limitations on duty time and any other specific or special requests are carried taken into consideration. Aircraft management programs may cover all of some of the above services for you.