Role of the Sales and Leasing Consultant in an Automobile Company

These days most of the reputed automobile companies hire Sales and Leasing Consultants. The primary reason to hire them is the fact that they are the ones who understand the features of the cars and try to explain these relevant details to the customers. It is based on their explanation that the customer makes a decision as to whether he or she should buy the car from that particular dealer. Most of the car dealers these days also provide their customers the option of leasing cars and so the sales and the leasing consultant is the one who tries to understand the needs of the customer and provides him with the option that will be most suitable to him after understanding his requirements. The Sales and the Leasing Consultant of the automobile company is the one who is responsible for closing the sales of that particular company.

Omari Betts is a Sales and a Leasing Consultant of Chevy Chase Acura. He is very passionate about his job and always tries to ensure that he is able to provide the best services to his customers.

There are a number of important roles and responsibilities of a sales and leasing consultant and in order to understand it better you can go through the discussion given below:

  • He is the one who explains the different characteristics and features of the car and tries to make a comparative study of the different competitive models and helps the customer understand the type of car that he needs and also helps him to truly understand if he needs a new or a pre-owned car.
  • Once the customer has chosen the car model then the Sales and the Leasing Consultant is the one who makes all arrangement for the inspection of the car.
  • He is the one who tries to maintain good rapport with the customers by responding to his queries in the most effective way and also promotes sales campaigns to their customers. By building a proper rapport with the customers these sales and leasing consultants are also able to get many references which thereby help in improving the sales of a particular company.
  • He is the one who makes arrangements for the customer to take the different test drives and also explains the various services and the warranties related to the purchase of the car.
  • He is the one who is responsible for closing the sales by overpowering all the objections that are related to the selling or the leasing of the cars.
  • He also negotiates the price of the vehicle and also explains the various financing options that are available for the customer.
  • He fills up the various reports that consist of the important information related to the sales and the management.
  • He makes sure that he is updated with all the latest news relating to the different car models by going through the different publications that are available.

Omari Betts is extremely professional and always tries to ensure that he gives proper suggestions to his customers who are able to take proper decisions based on his suggestions.