Requirements and Steps Required for Appraisal License Courses

Appraisal license programs are those that guide you step-by-step to become an appraiser. There are various courses for the appraisal license courses that are designed to complete the pre-internship according to the state requirements for the appraisal licensing. There is a total time required of 79 hours of the initial appraisal education before an individual can be recognized as an intern by the state.

The pre-licensing program is divided into four parts to successfully complete the training of pre-licensing and be recognized by the state. If an individual is already rolled in the appraisal licensing program, then each of the four courses can be used for continuation of education for existing appraisers.

What are the requirements for the license?

To get the appraisal license and getting enrolled in the appraisal license courses, an individual has to justify the following criterions mentioned below.

  • To apply for the courses an individual must be 18 years of age
  • Candidates who is applying for the appraisal course must be a citizen of the United States, or a legal resident if migrated from a different country
  • A background check may be done for the candidate who is applying for the course
  • Representation of an individual may be checked against the local, state, or federal records
  • The license or the certificate may tend to be denied if the individual is found to be indulged in a conviction of a serious felony or serious civil judgements.

If you fulfill the above criterions, you will be easily eligible to apply for the appraisal license courses.

There are four types of licensing programs and each program has its own time period to complete the session. The pre-licensing course can be completed online as well as offline courses, but the online course work is more popular. For online course, the packages include the below-required topics.

Appraisal license courses

Online course packages

Below are topics for the online course packages for Appraisal license courses.

30 Hours Appraisal Principles

It is a 6-day course that will provide knowledge to students with the basic principles of the appraisal including real estate concepts, legal considerations and many more.

30 Hours Appraisal Procedures

After getting an overview of the real estate concepts, legal considerations, real estate finances and all the other things learned in 30 Hour Appraisal Principles you need to attend this 6-day courses of report writing, value procedures, and many more.

15-hour USPAP

USPAP is a Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice which can be done only after completing the above two courses.

3 Hour Appraisal Law

This course is only applicable through the live classroom programs and can be done after completing the above three courses.

All the above-mentioned programs total calculates to become a 78 hours appraisal license course program.