Remarkable Marine National Parks in Indonesia

Nowadays, living in a mega city give a lot of pressure to many people. Thus, going on a vacation becomes an essential thing in human life. By going on a vacation, you are able to ease and bring back your sanity after days of stressful environment. One of the great idea for your vacation is planning trip to marine national parks in Indonesia.

The list of remarkable marine national parks in Indonesia that you can choose for holiday destination are described below:

  • Bunaken National Park: established in 1991 by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, this park became one of the first marine park’s growing systems in Indonesia. The national park is situated near the middle of Coral Triangle, the northern part of Sulawesi Island. Due to its location, it gives a great environment for over 390 species of reptile, marine mammal, fish, and mollusc. It also consists of coral reef, coastal ecosystems, and seagrass plain, representing the tropical marine ecosystems of Indonesia. There are five islands in this area, including Siladen, Manado Tua, Nain, Bunaken, and Mantehage.
  • Kepulauan Togean National Park: if you are looking for a good place to dive, fish, snorkel, and even mountain climbing, this national park offers all of them. The national park was opened for public in 2004. The sea provides marvelous and rich marine biota and also stunning coral reefs. The island is filled with a lot of plants and trees, thanks to the volcanic activity that created this island. It also has formations of coral hill that become a good place for Green Turtle to reproduce. If you are lucky, you may be able to see them.

  • Teluk Cendrawasih National Park: established in 2002 by Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry, this national park becomes the biggest marine national park in the country. It is situated in the southeastern area of Bird’s Head Peninsula, at Cendrawasih Bay to be exact. The national park has several sub-islands, such as Rumberpon Island, Yoop Island, Mioswaar Island, Nusrowi Island, and Roon Island. It has more than 150 coral species to date, which allow the place to be considered as a possible World Heritage Site. The nearest city of this national park is Manokwari, which is located in West Papua.
  • Kepulauan Seribu: located near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, this place becomes a popular getaway from the hectic mega city. This sequence of islands extends 28 miles from West Jakarta Bay to Java Sea. This regency has a capital called Pramuka Island. It is also the only regency exist in Jakarta. It has total 108 islands, but only 36 are allowed for recreation. From these 36, only 13 are developed, with 2 islands become historic parks and others become resorts. The rest of undeveloped islands are support for a fishing village or just uninhabited.

Those are several must-visit marine national parks in Indonesia that you can choose for your future vacation. If you only have several days for holiday, just choose the closest one to save more time and enjoy your dream vacation.