Regenerative Medicine For Aesthetic Surgery 

Along with treating knee arthritis and performing bone marrow transplants, one can also use regenerative medicine for aesthetic concerns. Stem cells have the potential to make you look younger at 50 than you did at 40. Yes, you read it right. Stem cells can regenerate the skin and hair and make them look more attractive.

Both the young and old generations are increasingly opting for aesthetic surgeries to gain a boost of confidence. For cosmetic enhancements, Atlanta, GA aesthetics & regenerative medicine specialist can help you banish the signs of aging and get your youth back.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine in Aesthetic Surgery

  • Enhance breast volume.

In this procedure, unwanted fat is taken out of your body and injected into your breasts to give it volume. This process may seem the same as liposuction, but it is not. When the fat is injected, there is an immediate increase in the size of your breasts, which can cause the blood vessels to block and lose sensitivity in the nipples.

To avoid this, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) derived from the patient’s body is combined with the fat and then injected. In the end, your breasts do not only gain volume but a rejuvenated skin texture too.

  • Plump hollow cheeks.

It is natural to lose volume in our faces as we age. If you look at your pictures from ten years ago, you will notice the plumpness of your skin which is now lost. This is because your skin begins to lose collage once you turn 30.

PRP treatment causes the collagen in your skin to thicken and multiply. You can do the PRP facelift to achieve plumped cheeks, improved skin tone, and texture, tightened and soft skin.

  • Improve sagging facial skin. 

Our skin loses elasticity as we age, especially our face. Wrinkles start to appear, and the skin starts sagging around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Plastic surgery is still a great way to get a facelift; however, some people may opt for a more natural treatment.

PRP treatment uses your body’s growth factors to improve the shape of your face. In this process, fillers are first injected to contour your face, and then PRP is used to trick the stem cells in your body into thinking that there is an injury, which causes them to generate younger tissues.

This procedure causes your skin to produce collagen, blood vessels, and fatty tissues. In the end, you get a beautiful tone and texture.

Two methods are used in regenerative medicine- PRP treatment and stem cells treatment. Both of these treatments have been useful for anti-aging benefits and have an excellent success rate. It is vital to choose the right regenerative medicine specialist when it comes to a facelift. We have all heard stories about bad facelifts, and we certainly do not want that.

For a perfect facelift or other aesthetic surgeries, contact John David Mullins, MD PC, today.