Regaining Your Youth Through Vaginal Revitalization

Giving birth vaginally and aging can have a significant effect on a woman’s sex life due to losing elasticity. However, these effects do not have to be permanent. Of all inventions geared towards helping women regain their youth, vaginal revitalization in Forest Hills emerges as the best. If you have any questions and wonder if you qualify for the procedure, see the team at Yakov Levy MD PC to place you in the know.

How does vaginal revitalization work?

Generally, a woman’s vagina can expand to pave the way for childbirth. But with time, the vagina may fail to contract due to hormonal changes, leading to loss of elasticity. Even if the uterus contracts, its diameter might be slightly bigger than before childbirth. That is where vaginal revitalization comes into play.

As the name suggests, vagina revitalization is a corrective procedure whose main purpose is to tighten the vagina and increase its lubrication. A plastic surgeon might choose either surgical or nonsurgical procedures, depending on the patient’s current condition and medical history. It is designed for women facing postmenopausal symptoms such as dryness during sexual intercourse and discomfort. Postpartum women who have tightness issues due to vaginal birth and those battling urinary incontinence can also benefit from vaginal revitalization.

How to know if you are a candidate for vaginal revitalization

While the procedure is believed to help women regain their youth, not every woman can qualify for it. Your doctor might consider you a candidate for the procedure if:

  •  You are medically fit

Before your doctor renders you fit for surgical revitalization, they will first assess your medical condition. The main reason for doing so is to ensure you do not develop future complications after your surgery.

  • You experience sexual discomfort

Sexual discomfort can range from pain to dryness during sex, even after lubrication. Women with postmenopausal symptoms are more likely to face this due to a hormonal imbalance. Vaginal revitalization can help trigger the hormones responsible for producing lubrication during sex.

  • Your vaginal contours appear overstretched

Some women may have overstretched genital contours after childbirth or any other unavoidable circumstance. Vaginal revitalization helps to regain elasticity, hence replacing the appearance of your genital contours.

  • For esthetic reasons

When you are unhappy about how your genitals look, your self-esteem may also feel compromised. Many women have confessed to feeling ugly and could not undress in front of their partners because they fear criticism. Luckily, you can restore your vaginal beauty through revitalization procedures.

  • You have lost your sexual sensation after childbirth

Some women may lack sex drive or sensation after childbirth, particularly if it was high risk. The procedure can trigger the sex hormones necessary to increase sensation.

See a vaginal revitalization specialist to help regain your youth

Whether you are going in for vaginal revitalization as a corrective measure or for esthetic reasons, the procedure works best if you are in the right hands. To learn more about vaginal revitalization methods, consult your doctor at Yakov Levy MD PC.