Questions You May Have About Soda Blasting

You can use many cleaning processes to help clean different surfaces. Soda blasting is one of many options to consider. It is a non-destructive cleaning process that utilizes specially designed granules of bicarbonate soda. The best thing about this cleaning process is that it is suitable for those who want an environmentally friendly way to clean different surfaces.  While the process is quite effective and popular, many people have some questions about it. For instance:

What is blasting soda?

Many people know that soda blasting is a cleaning process but they know a little about blasting soda, which is actually an extremely friable material. The material produces micro fragmentation on impact and helps remove surface materials without damaging the host material. You can expect a thorough cleaning action because soda particles turn into small particles after touching the target surface.

Is Soda Blasting Better than other Alternatives?

It depends on your unique needs, but soda blasting is actually quite different from other alternatives such as acid dips. It uses soda particles that do not cause any damage to your health or your substrate, which is usually the case when you opt for shot or other forms of abrasives. Different companies use this technique differently, which also helps determine if it is going to prove effective for you or not. For instance, some companies use blast pressures as low as 0.5 bar, which ensures that you get good results without causing any damage to the surface.

Why Soda is a Good Abrasive to Use?

It is a common question to ask, but soda is a good abrasive because it dissolves quickly. Therefore, it works amazingly well for graffiti removal, building cleaning, masonry cleaning, stone cleaning, food industry machinery, engineering components, and coatings removal from soft and delicate substrates. Soda also serves as an excellent abrasive when you want something for refurbishment – it helps treat properties affected by fire damage.  For many soft surfaces, using anything other than soda could damage the surface. This is especially true in case of grit, shot, or sand. Soda is not dangerous for your health, which is not the case with sand blasting. All this implies that sod is indeed a great abrasive to use.

Is it Environmentally Safe?

Yes, it is. That is one of many reasons why many people opt for soda blasting instead of other cleaning processes. It is worth mentioning that soda leaves no bad impact on the environment. However, it is a good idea to clean vegetation if it comes into contact with soda particles.

Can You Use Soda Blasting to Clean Whatever You Want?

As mentioned already, soda blasting is an environmentally safe process and the low pressure used in it is the reason why it will not damage soft surfaces. This is the reason why you can use soda blasting for almost anything you want to clean.  Just be sure to work with a reputable service provider to ensure that soda blasting works perfectly for you.