Purchase Superior Quality 2016 Challenger Car Covers To Protect Your Car

One of the excellent ways to protect you are car exterior is to simply purchase challenger car cover for you are car are essential even for those with the covered parking. Fortunately, the challenger car covers are portal and inexpensive. They are efficient and normal way to protect you are exterior from the

  • Scratches
  • Discoloration
  • Sun
  • Weather
  • Natural
  • Physical damage
  • UV rays

The 2016 challenger car covers come with the multiple layers of the advanced protection to make sure you are car investment is guaranteed to be safe from the all the physical and natural damages. The challenger car covers are coming with the excellent features which include

  • High-Performance Woven Fabric: Perfect for the hotter climates where an effect of the sun is very stronger. Woven polyester construction with outer coating reflects off the sun’s Ultra Violet rays to protect you are vehicle’s finish and keep it cooler inside.
  • Strong Water Resistance: The Cover is highly water resistant to keep away dirt, dust and some other things and keep your car cleaner.
  • Best Breathability: the center layers is the film with the microscopic size holes that are small enough to block the dust pass-through while effectively allowing moisture and heat to escape from the underneath.
  • Non-Scratch Grommets: Reinforced and no scratch grommets include the protective flap on the backside and will be used with tie down rope.
  • Custom Fit: The 2016 challenger car covers follow exact contours of the car. The car covers to protect all vehicles exposed surface.
  • Warranty: Warranty coverage protects against the defects in the material and the workmanship and also the fabric becoming unserviceable during the normal use

On the other hand, if your car is exposed to dings and the scratches from pets, children, animal, birds or crowded garage, the car cover is the best choice for you, to get rid of these kinds of problems. The outer coating of the challenger car covers reflects off the sun rays to protect you are vehicles finish and keep it cooler inside. The cover is highly thin, soft and lightweight, but also protects against rain, dust snow, bird droppings, tree sap and much more. The custom shaped to your make and model with the pockets for one or both of the side mirror, the bottom edging of the car cover features elastic for the snug fit, the washing machine washable in the standard size home washing machine.