Psychotherapy Techniques for Better Mental Health

Dealing with mental health can drain your energy. Mental issues make you confused and unable to perform to your best ability. This can lead to strained relationships that deter your friendship with those closest to you. Fortunately, San Pedro psychotherapy experts can offer you the turnaround you desire so that you can enjoy the good things in life and fulfill your dreams. The team of trained therapists provides treatment sessions for a wide range of mental health conditions.

Psychotherapy 101

Psychotherapy refers to several therapies designed to control and eliminate symptoms caused by mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anger issues, and anxiety disorder. The most common psychotherapy types are psychoanalytical therapy, commonly known as talk therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps you change your behavior. These therapies are often combined to help you deal with your mental issues. The mental health physicians at Harbor Community Health Centers are highly trained in all psychotherapy types to offer the required support and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

What does psychotherapy involve?

Your medical health team begins with a review of your medical history and discusses your symptoms to determine the type of mental health conditions you have. The team then creates a rapport with you to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed before beginning your therapy. The Harbor Community Health Centers also offer you a chance to listen to some soft relaxing music as you undergo your therapy. During the sessions, your team will discuss and monitor any negative patterns in your behavior and thoughts. In each session, you may have to express your feelings and thoughts about your situation. A comfortable environment is created for you so that you will not have to worry about other people discovering that you are in therapy. The treatment session involves a series of visits, which you will plan with your doctor while you receive therapy.

What kinds of mental health issues can psychotherapy treat?

Considering that psychotherapy has several therapy approaches, it can treat a wide range of mental health issues. Psychotherapy can help you overcome overwhelming life stresses, conflicts, and other life issues that do not necessarily affect your mental health. Some of the mental issues that psychotherapy addresses include:

  •                     Anxiety disorders such as phobias
  •                     Schizophrenia
  •                     Depression
  •                     Post-traumatic stress disorder
  •                     Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  •                     Personality disorders
  •                     Anorexia and bulimia

Psychotherapy can also help in managing your anger issues and addiction to harmful substances. Additionally, psychotherapy can help you restore broken relationships and change your behavior positively. The therapists at Harbor Community Health Center may combine therapy sessions and medication for better results. A point to note is that once you visit the center, you come out a different person.

Mental health issues may cause you to break precious bonds with your friends and family, a situation that can throw you in deep mental issues. However, a connection with Harbor Community Health Centers can change all that. Begin your journey to better mental health by calling the center or booking your appointment online.