Proper Way to Choose a Men’s Wedding Ring

When it comes to engagements and weddings, more often than not, it focuses on the bride – the right engagement ring can be really important to the bride. Wedding bands, too, are typically tailored to be liked by the bride, whereas the groom’s band just mirrors the one the bride chooses.

However, if you are looking to change that a bit, and really find a wedding band that you will enjoy wearing not just for the symbolism of it, but also for its aesthetics, consider tips we got from experts at

Picking the Metal

Wedding bands are supposed to be gold, right? Well, it may have been so in the past, but nowadays, there are so many different options, you really don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of metal. Even when it comes to gold itself, you can pick yellow gold, or white gold, or even rose gold if that suits you best.

If, however, gold is not your metal of choice, you can always pick another precious metal for your wedding band. Most people consider silver to be a lesser metal and do not recommend it be used for wedding bands, but platinum has seen an increase in usage in recent years.

When it comes to non-orthodox choices for a wedding ring material, most professional jewelers will tell you to go for a titanium or even tungsten – both metals known for their durability and strength, in order to fortify the symbolic nature of the wedding ring. Even stainless steel has been used for this same purpose.

Take the Budget into Consideration

No matter what kind of ring you are looking for, you will probably have to consider your budget when picking the ring you go for. Simply put, some materials and craftsmen are more expensive than others.

Broadly speaking, non-precious metals like titanium will be on the cheaper end of the spectrum (typically not much more than $100), whereas precious metals will set you back considerably more. At the very top of the price range is platinum, which can cost you up to $2000, and that is before any additions you might want on the ring.

Picking a Style and Pattern

Unlike an engagement ring, the wedding ring has traditionally been simpler and more streamlined – after all, it was meant to be worn daily and it needed to be practical, first and foremost.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it. For instance, you can have a variety of patterns on your wedding band.

Consult your wedding band jeweler for ideas if you are uncertain what you would like. Less often, some people opt to have a stone (or multiple stones) embedded in the band. Even though it is not common, when done by a professional, the end result can really be mesmerizing.

What Else to Consider

One of the most common things that happen with wedding bands is that after a while, they don’t fit as well as they did in the beginning. In this case, the choice of material can really make a difference.

Precious metals like gold (all variants of gold), and platinum can usually allow for some room for change. What’s more, when designed and made by an expert jewelsmith, these rings can be resized with very little disruption. On the other hand, many other materials are not as forgiving and may not be altered so readily.

Picking the right ring for a man may seem like a simple issue, but you really do need to consider that you will have and wear that ring for a long time and every day. Take your time to pick something you will like.