Playing Golf in Almaty like a Dream Comes True

Almaty is one of the largest city and the former capital of Kazakhstan. Golf is a royal sport which is played by the elite class. This game requires very specific equipment. If you are going to play golf you’ll need a golf club, nice golf grip, shoes, bags, gloves, ball, even golf tees. These types of items will end up the quite expensive if you are going to buy from a local store. It’s better you can buy these items from online so, you can also save a great deal. There are many online golf stores that offer a good deal and most of the time they offer you free shipping without any cost if you are going to buy online.  Golf in Almaty is a heaven for the golf lovers.

Playing Golf

It is a sheer experience playing Golf in Almaty

Zhailjau is the name of the golf resort which was opened to the public on June 9th, 2016, it was designed by the famous Arnold Daniel Palmer designing company. Arnold Daniel Palmer was an American professional golfer who was died on September 2016. In 1955 he had won many awards in PGA tour championship. He was one of the first superstars who even starred in television and was lovingly called “The King”, he was the golf’s most popular star. Golf in Almaty has a perfect combination of sports that meets the nature as it taking the awe-inspiring views of the mountains.

There are many Golf courses in Almaty

Golfers can enjoy while competing for the golf championship in the 18-hole golf courses. There is another level of fun like boasts of having a driving range, a pro-shop, three patting greens, every level’s golf academy; after playing all these games and you are feeling tired you can relax at the multi-cuisine country club restaurant and the lounge bar & having cocktails with your friends. Golf courses in Almaty have also a fitness club that offers the high-quality services for you and anyone can enjoy their with awesome atmosphere with A class services moreover you can also keep fit yourself and make relax your body, mind and soul. One more attraction spot is conference hall which has state of equipment and was opened in May 2012, till date it has been the venue of many sports conferences.

Travellers will find the natural beauty while spending their holiday on Almaty and it will also provide them with much-desired experience around the world. There are many different activities in Almaty apart from the Golf courses in Almaty just like a mountain, climbing, skiing, hiking, and fishing. Most of the travellers who have gone there are spending times in the area during the months of winter are more often there to enjoy skiing. Many famous ski resorts are available there; however, the most famous resort is Chimbaluk Resort. In the season of summer, tourists may be interested in taking the visit to Kolsai Lakes where they can enjoy hiking, fishing and camping.