Plants The Nature’s Gift To Human Kind

Plants are the great gift from the nature to all the other living creatures in this universe as they only have a giving nature but not taking nature. In brief let us discuss about the growth of a plant, a seed after germination grows into a plant and then step by step and day by day it grows to a huge tree which gives shelter, food, fresh air which are three major and basic things for a man kind to live on this earth. On this planet there are many varieties and species of plants which are now a days sold online as well so as to bring awareness in humans one such awareness program is The Plants Project, in which these plants are placed online and sold where we can get a wide variety of different species of plants. Now let us discuss about the mechanism of the plants that is about how they live and in what way they digest their food and many more things about the plants would be discussed in detail below:


Photosynthesis is a process of how the plants intake their food, wherein the plants take sun light as the source of digesting their food in this process they take the sun light and carbon di oxide and then the process of photosynthesis begins, During day time plants and trees inhale carbon di oxide and exhale oxygen which is boon to all the other living beings on this earth as we all will inhale oxygen and exhale carbon di oxide, and during night times plants and trees exhale carbon di oxide and inhale oxygen.

This process of photosynthesis in plants and trees is a great gift of nature by which the whole globe runs on.

Now let us discuss about the major varieties of [plants which can be usually grown in the houses:

The Plants Project

  1. Creepers:

These plants are the climbing kind of plants which creep on to the floor as they grow when we tie any supporting thread to them, they follow the same thread and go by that. There are a wide variety of creepers in this world which are in flowers, vegetables, fruits and many more. Creepers give more attraction to the houses as they would completely occupy the area of the threading provided to them.

  1. Herbs:

These are the medicinal plants which are used to cure all the varieties of diseases there is a separate subject in medical sciences called ayurvedic, and naturopathy in which these herbs are used as medicines and by which many long-term diseases are being cured.

Now let us discuss about the bonsai technique by which all the plants are grown in the pots in big apartments using a technique by name bonsai technique in which these plants are placed and proper care is to be taken frequent stem cuttings, and much more care should be given to bonsai plants when compared to that of the regular ones.