Planning Your Trip to Mussoorie? Make It Awesome by Knowing Best Time to Visit There!

Mussoorie is one of the most popular hill stations which are located just 35 kilometres away from Dehradun. It is even referred as “Queen of the Hills” that doesn’t fail to attract Indians as well as foreigners across the world with its all types of tourist attractions. You will find an ample of man-made as well as natural places to visit there.

If you are fond of adventure, you can spend your valuable time in Trekking. Apart from it, there are even many other ways to spend your days there around this awesome hill station. In fact, it is a perfect destination and weekend getaway for the families that reside nearby.

So, if you too are planning for the trip to Mussoorie and searching out for the best hotels in Mussoorie, you must first have a basic idea about the weather and ideal time to visit this place. Take a look at the following article that will help you plan the best time for visiting Mussoorie.

Dazzling Monsoons!

If you are fond of serene and misty hill stations, then visiting Mussoorie in July to mid- September can be your best bet. While it is possible that some of the adventure sports activities might be closed during monsoons, it is still the better choice for the people that want solitude in hills or just seek for a romantic getaway.

Pleasant summer!

Well, if you want pleasant atmospheres for relaxation, then plan your trip to Mussoorie in summer. While the temperature might rise over 37 degrees on odd days, it will still not disappoint you. In fact, this is an ideal time to go for different adventure sports. You will even enjoy amazing sunsets and scenic beauty as well as attractive sunrises during this period.

Winter Time!

Visiting Mussoorie in winters (October to February) can prove to be a great fun with the land all covered in lustrous snow! The beauty of this place increases over two-fold during this time. However, it is possible that temperature might stoop down to even sub-zero levels. Most of the adventure enthusiasts generally prefer winter as it provides breathtaking sights that might not be available during rest of year.

Best places to visit

  • Mossy falls

If you want to know the prettiest place to visit in Mussoorie, then Mossy falls is the answer! It is set between dense green forests and you will find no better way to start your day in Mussoorie than trekking down to this amazing place at early hours!

  • Lake Mist

Lake Mist is one of the most pristine and best places you cannot miss to visit during your stay at Mussoorie. There is even boating facility that is available allowing people to explore the lake closely.

  • Gun Hill

Gun Hill is an amazing tourist attraction in Mussoorie. In fact, in Mussoorie, it is second highest peak! Spectacular views right from the top of this peak will be enough to leave you pleasantly surprised!

So overall, Mussoorie can be the best place to visit if you want to enjoy your stay at a chilly hill station! It has an ample of things to offer and is accessible throughout the year. What else can you desire for?