Peter Zieve Loves to Turn Challenges into Opportunities

An engineer by profession, Peter Zieve founded Electroimpact Inc., which produces Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter, which Peter had invented as a part of the Ph.D. program. The company Electroimpact runs successfully by Peter and by his son Michael who is also an engineer and serves as Vice-President.

Challenging opportunities

Peter Zieve is a name, thousands of people believe in. He was born in 1954, after completing his MS Electrical Engineering in 1978 and MS Environmental Engineering in the year 1980, Peter did Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington in the year 1986.  Before starting his own company Electroimpact, where he serves as CEO, he had worked as Assistant Professor during 1986 to 1988, in University of Washington, guiding the research students.

Peter always believed that how giving back to the society is not just a part of life but it helps in gaining challenging opportunities also. It also brings positive changes in the life when you bring smiles to other people. He always believes that the social services also make you learn from many different situations. The time spent in social services and the experience gained, always extend your life by expanding your capabilities.

For Peter, doing something for the community has always helped in extending the social connections. It allows poor, rich and needy people to come out of their problems and loneliness. He had helped hundreds of people who were suffering from various types of social, economic or physical problems and issues. He always felt that volunteering is part of community services to show appreciation of the people and society. Giving back to the society makes a person better human being when he starts exploring his or her own abilities in the form of likes and dislikes. It even helps a person to understand the life better and to overcome the everyday challenges in a much better way and it is not a part of any Politics.

Well-planned services & activities

Peter Zieve is presently a member of Camp Solomon Schechter Board, which offers its services for the society. He has offered many children-related internship programs for the employees of his company. Peter offers well-planned services and interesting activities which are either a part of his contribution to the society and some of the programs such as YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, UofW SAE car &local STEM program, PTA events along with motivating programs like Destination Imagination and Lighthouse Festivals have become popular among the young and old in the Mukilteo city in Seattle.

Most of the people of Mukilteo city believe in Peter Zieve as a person, who is blessed with true potential to help others. His passion to face the challenges and to fulfill the dreams of citizens of Mukilteo city always keeps him busy in his work and commitments. Most of the people are supporting Peter in the upcoming City Council election.

Peter Zieve is busy doing active campaign for the election. He is meeting the people while in his successful door to door campaign. He is very much aware of the local issues faced by the citizens. The issues relating to increased sales tax and the property tax which he wants to rollback as soon. Also, Peter wants to offer better facilities to the children in terms of well-maintained parks and playgrounds.