Pediatric Urologist in New York

Children can have urological disorders and illnesses that are unique to childhood.  If your child has any genital or urinary tract disorders or diseases, such as with the kidneys, bladder, or ureters, a pediatric urologist in New York is the type of physician you want treating your child.  They specialize in urological problems for infants through adolescents.

Reasons to See a Pediatric Urologist

Children’s urology issues are unique, so you need an experienced physician that specializes in children and urology to provide the best assessment and treatment.  Children often cannot say what is bothering them and they are not always cooperative with medical exams.  Working with a professional that knows how to treat children in a way that helps them relax and be more cooperative is beneficial.  Pediatric urologists have the equipment that is specially designed for children, and they will be able to offer the best range of treatment options available.  Working with a pediatric urologist will give you peace of mind and your child a non-threatening and comfortable environment to the process easier for everyone.

Pediatric Urology

Type of Treatment

Pediatric urologists are surgeons that can treat and manage a variety of genital and urinary problems in children. Here are some common disorders they can treat:

  • Evaluate and manage voiding disorders and urinary tract infections that require surgery
  • Surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract, such as kidneys, bladder, and ureters
  • Assessment and surgical reconstruction for genital abnormalities and sexual development
  • Kidney stone disease management and surgery
  • Treatment for urological tract issues that are identified before birth
  • Surgery for tumors or malignancies of the bladder, kidney, and testis
  • Evaluation and care for disorders associated with neurological conditions like spina bifida

What to Expect

As a parent or guardian of a child with urological problems, it’s important for you to be able to relax with the process.  If you understand what to expect and how the process works, it will help.  At an initial consultation, the urologist will explain the specific process for your child.  You can expect a physical examination and likely one or more tests to be ordered.  Different tests may be ordered that will help the doctor understand the problem better.  When the exam and tests are completed, which often takes a little time.  Then the urologist will be able to discuss the treatment options available for your child.  This is a critical time for you to ask any questions you have to make sure you understand the treatment options and any possible risks.  Make sure you are comfortable in making any decisions and then treatment can be arranged for your child.

It’s in your child’s best interest to work with a pediatric urologist if they have any urology disorders or infections that require treatment.  Contact us today to begin the evaluation process towards providing the best treatment possible for your child.