Pastor Chris in Israel for a Bible Tour

Pastor Chris (founder and leader of the Christ Embassy) and his delegation recently went to Israel for a Bible tour. The main aim of the Holy Land Tour, which was organized by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was to try and bring Christians and Jews together in order for them to discover the things they have in common biblically, personally, and historically.

The other main reason for the visit was to connect Christians from different parts of the world to the land of Israel, which is featuring a number of times in the bible. Israel is a great place to learn about history and culture as a Christian. All the places visited during the bible tour were carefully picked by Pastor Chris with the aim of learning and getting to know the real meaning of each destination.

The delegation started the tour by visiting different communities in Judaism. The people in this region speak the language of Yiddish and up to date they still wear the old Eastern European clothes. The delegation here was welcomed wholeheartedly and the experience was amazing. After interacting with the Yiddish speaking people, the next stop was the city of Hebron. Hebron is considered to be the home of the oldest Jewish community in the world. So many events mentioned in the bible took place there given that the place has been mentioned in the Bible over 80 times. This is the second holiest city in Judaism, Jerusalem takes then lead. During this day, other places around Jerusalem were visited as well.


The fourth day of the tour was Jerusalem Day, also known as Yom Yerushalayim in Hebrew. It is a special day in the Holy Land where the locals celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967. The day is celebrated on the 28th of the Hebrew month of Iyar. The genuineness of the people living there and their fascinating stories was simply mind blowing to Pastor Chris’ delegation. What moved the delegation the most was seeing how passionate people in Jerusalem were about the day. According to the delegation, there were no other better ways of commemorating Jerusalem Day other than that.

It is without a doubt or fear of contradiction that Pastor Chris and his team enjoyed the Bible tour, the experience was out of this world and there were so many things to learn from the people of Israel. The dedication, passion, and enthusiasm that the people of Israel have to the holy land motivated the whole delegation. Another important lesson that Pastor Chris and his delegation learned was the perseverance of the people of Israel, which is the one that drives the country forward. The genuineness of the Israel people is the key factor that facilitates the strong relationship between the Christian and Jewish communities all around the country.

After the tour, the delegation admitted that the whole experience was one of a kind, filled with so many things to see and learn from as a Christian which obviously exceeded their expectations. The delegation also expressed their interest in being part of more upcoming events of a similar kind.