Pain Interventional Techniques to Deal with Lower Back Pain

Pain can make your life miserable. Extreme forms of pain can also render you unable to accomplish the activities you love the most. However, your situation can change when you find an expert in lower back pain in Northern Virginia. Your Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialist offers modern treatment options to liberate you from pain.

Causes of lower back pain

Pain comes from injuries or fractures to connecting tissues and it involves discomforts, spasms, pressure, or any other issue you might feel out of place in the lumbar region. The back region includes the lumbar spine, vertebrae, and many other structures. Tendons, discs, and muscles help your back maintain your overall weight, with nerves cutting across them to help signals move from one point to the brain. However, when you age, the region suffers from wear and tear or some acute injuries.

Such issues are the reasons for pain in your back that can have debilitating effects. You must understand that Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists have the technology to treat an acute issue that causes back pain or any discomfort. The center begins the treatment with an assessment that checks the extent of damage due to wear and tear or injuries, then comes up with a customized form of treatment that can help you lead a better life.

Issues that might increase your chances of lower back pain

Various issues are responsible when it comes to lower back pain. However, Dr. Huffman can help you understand them better. Some of the problems that can increase your chances of lower back pain include:

  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Muscle strains
  •         Ligament strains
  •         Sciatica
  •         Scoliosis
  •         Kidney problems
  •         Bladder
  •         Arthritis

The first step to dealing with back issues involves looking at your medical history, complete with x-rays that check for any damages. Some extreme cases will call for you to try various treatments to help find the best one that deals with your problem.

Best time to look for help when you have lower back pain

The nature of your pain should guide you towards making an important call. When you have a mild issue, you can hold on for some time before making a call to a medical center. However, when your mild issue does not resolve quickly or affects the way you do your activities, you should visit a pain center for help. Scenarios to look for a pain expert include:

  •         An intense pain
  •         Pain that appears after a major event such as an accident
  •         Your pain causes weight loss
  •         Your muscles become weak from the pain
What treatment options can help deal with back pain?

Mild back pain is a simple issue to deal with, especially with Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists, who have the right tools and techniques.

Find pain relief with interventional methods from John Huffman, MD, an expert with years of success in dealing with back pain. With the doctor, you can also find methods to limit your chances of pain in the future. Begin your journey to a happier you by calling or booking your spot online to address your back pain issues.