overbite vs underbite – A Knowhow

An overbite and Underbite are more than just cosmetic conditions and they also help with the confidence of the person who has these issues. Once these treatments are taken, one can smile and live without any stress.

What is an Overbite

This is a kind of condition when the upper set of teeth overlap the lower set of teeth. This type of setup of teeth pushes the lower jaw back towards the direction of the ears. One can usually identify if you have an overbite is to look in the mirror and bite. Once you bite your teeth together, if you see that most of the lower teeth are not visible, then, it might be an overbite. As you age, an overbite worsens and makes you look more old than you are, premature ageing. An overbite can make your face and chin look small as the bit gets deeper and deeper. Older people tend to have a wear and tear of the bite and hence an overbite gives an impression of premature aging. When you are young, you can overcome this premature aging with the natural youthful fat in your face but they may not have proper facial, height.


Bite optimization can improve the compromised facial structure of the patient. The chin position is improved and bite optimization gives a fuller size appearance. At times there may be no symptoms at all and this may lead to them thinking that it’s just fine to have an overbite. But the symptoms aggravate faster as you age.

Overbites can be corrected without any surgery and zero grounding of any teeth. The optimization treatment will not only correct your bite but also it will be corrected as per your facial structure and bite.

Let’s talk about Underbite:

This is a condition when your lower jaw appears to be bigger than your upper jaw. This kind of appearance makes the chin to be protruding. When one has an Underbite condition, the two teeth do not touch at all and when teeth don’t touch, they move.  The teeth are usually crooked =. The bite optimization can correct the bite and the appearance with anon-surgical and noninvasive method. The surgical method also corrects this kind of condition but when there is a non-risky and non-surgical method then it does not hurt to try it. You can have a wider smile, brighter white teeth and perfect no stress bite. In this treatment, there is no need of braces and no healthy teeth were ground.

Overbite vs underbite? Well, both can be corrected under the supervision of a doctor.