Orthodontic Treatment Options to Give Your Child a Lasting Beautiful Smile

As your child grows, they might develop different orthodontics conditions such as crossbite or overbite, which affects their smile.  If your child struggles with such conditions, you may consider seeking Cedar Park children’s orthodontics services to correct the anomaly. If left untreated, this can have adverse effects on your child’s smile and eating habits.

When should you take your child for orthodontic care

It would be best if you considered taking your child for orthodontic care at the age of seven when their teeth are still erupting.

What conditions are treated by an orthodontist?


Crossbite is a condition that affects either their back teeth or front teeth. Instead of their upper teeth closing on the outside, some close on the inside of their lower teeth.


Your child will have a crowding condition if there is not enough room for the permanent teeth to grow in the mouth, causing them to grow in a crooked manner.


The underbite condition occurs when the child’s lower jaw grows beyond the upper jaw, causing the lower front teeth to cover up the upper front teeth.

Protruding teeth

Your child will have protruding teeth condition if the teeth protrude out at an angle instead of sticking downward, subjecting them to either chipping or fracturing.

Spacing condition

Your child will experience this condition if the room inside the mouth is more prominent than needed causing gaps between their permanent teeth.

Thumb Sucking

Suppose your child develops a thumb-sucking habit. It will affect the bones by shifting their positions because of the exerting pressure on the mouth roof, consisting of unmerged palate bones that merge during the adolescent stage.

Ankylosed teeth

The ankylosed tooth is a condition where your child’s tooth is fused on the jawbone hence failure to a proper eruption, causing no room for the permanent teeth to develop.

Orthodontic treatment options

Your doctor will recommend treatment depending on the orthodontic condition being experienced.


If your child is experiencing crossbite, open bites, overbites, misplaced midlines, spacing, and crowding, your doctor may recommend braces to treat the conditions. Before your child’s mouth matures to hold full braces, your doctor can use brackets and wires to align the four front teeth and place some retainers to help keep them in position.


Your doctor may also recommend Invisalign for your child to treat spacing, crossbite, and underbite issues. Invisalign are clear and removable, and they fit your child’s teeth.

Benefits of orthodontics

When your child goes for early orthodontic intervention, your doctor will identify and prevent poor habits like thumb sucking. The earlier orthodontic intervention will prevent developmental flaws in teeth and jaw to avoid bad bites. It reduces the chances of future treatments, including surgery.

It reduces the likelihood of teeth extractions and creates room for the erupting teeth to avoid crowding. It saves many adult orthodontic treatments.

Through early orthodontic intervention, you get higher quality results, the risks are lower, and the chances of relapse are minimal. It also promotes your child’s general health and oral health and gives your child an attractive smile.

To give your child a beautiful lifetime smile, call or book an appointment online with Freedom Orthodontics.